[HCDX] Obituary for Nikolai (Nick) Pashkevich
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[HCDX] Obituary for Nikolai (Nick) Pashkevich

On January 5 a famous Russian DXer Nikolai Pashkevich
died in Moscow, as a result of a tragic car-related
accident.  In just a few days, on January 15 he should
have celebrated his 47th birthday...

Nikolai started listening to the world-band stations
already in the end of the 60s.  Back then DXing was
one of the most dangerous hobbies in the USSR. 
Eventually, Nikolai's contacts with foreign stations
and colleagues led to an official interrogation by KGB
and threats of further action. However, he did not
abandon his favorite hobby.  In his spare time he even
mastered English in order to become a more qualified
monitor of the world bands.

In the end of the 80s, with a dramatic change of a
political climate in the USSR, Nikolai was invited to
coordinate the frequencies for Christian broadcasts
targeted at Russia and to prepare a monthly 30-minute
DX-program carried by TWR, FEBC, HCJB, and later by
Radio Center in Moscow.  For years he faithfully
served as a regional QSL manager for TWR and HCJB.  He
also became an official monitor for RL/RFE.

In 1995-97 Nikolai published a bi-monthly
DX-bulletin Info-Digest, based on materials received
from Internet sources.  He also actively contributed
to various Russian and English-language DX
publications and programs.  Since 1998 he was one of
the co-editors of the weekly Moscow DX Bulletin
distributed by Internet.  In 1999 he opened and
moderated the first Internet-based discussion group
for Russian-speaking DXers titled DX_Bistro.  He
participated in every annual conference organized by
Moscow DXers.

In recent years Nikolai coordinated the work of
VoA/RL/RFE monitors throughout CIS and continued
monitoring TWR and recording a monthly DX-program for
this station.

Despite his busy schedule Nikolai was always ready to
help his colleagues in Russia and overseas.  He
closely followed the developments in the world
broadcasting and generously shared his information
with others.  He personally mentored many young
Russian DXers.  Besides DXing, Nikolai enjoyed
traveling and keeping in touch with his old and new
friends throughout the world.

Nikolai will be buried in accordance with the Russian
Orthodox tradition on January 10.  He is survived by
his grieving wife and daughter.

Nikolai's untimely death is a huge loss for the whole
Russian DX-movement.  He will be greatly missed by his
family and countless friends, both in his native land
and overseas.

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