[HCDX] Weekly DX News
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[HCDX] Weekly DX News

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC  5009.79, R. Cristal, *1006-1040, OC, then sign-on with
choral NA, canned sign-on announcement by man, music started with short
canned probable promo by woman, into lively LA music, canned ID/promo by
man at 1011 "...de R. Cristal (sounded like Clube) ?? AM", then live studio
announcer.  Another canned promo at 1020.  And another ID by man at 1024 as
"...R. Cristal la 5 mil AM" followed by a short ID by man and canned
announcement by man with address and phone.  Back to music.  Strong signal
but very low modulation, especially during sign-on announcement.  (Valko 5

ITALY  7120, IRRS, 2348-0000, Man giving address and Fax in accented EG,
into live version of "Somebody to Love" by Queen.  Full EG ID announcement
by man at 2359 including mention of use of omnidirectional north beam with
reduced carrier SSB at 10 kw PEP, and said could be best received in USB.
Also gave address, Fax, and phone.  Fair but heavy CW and slop QRM from
7125 Guinea.  (Valko 6 Jan.)

GERMANY  6190, Deutschlandfunk, 0726-0733, Talk by woman and man in GM with
classical music bridges.  0729 simple Deutschlandfunk ID, 3+1 time pips,
and into presumed news by man.  Fair but heavy slop QRM from Mexico 6185.
(Valko 7 Jan.)

GERMANY  6005, Deutschland R., Berlin, 0738-0748, What sounded like a
childrens educational segment, mention of Japan and computers.  ID or
mention of the station at 0743, continued program ending at 0746, brief
music bridge, talk by man with several IDs, into GM Rock music.  Good.
(Valko 7 Jan.)

GERMANY  7265.07, SWR, Baden, 0715-0805, Usual Pop music program hosted by
woman.  Some canned announcements.  3+1 time ticks, woman with news
0800-0804, canned ID by man, woman announcement and ending with ID again by
man.  Into music program.  Good and clear.  Best at tune-in.  (Valko 7 Jan.)

UNID.  5948, Guyana BC??, 0812, Horribly distorted.  Some sort of music at
tune-in, then talk by man.  Strong but impossible to copy.  Nothing on 90
meters.  (Valko 7 Jan.)

CLANDESTINE  6233.70, LV de la Resistencia, *1124-1154, OC at 1108 tune-in,
LA music began at 1124, sounded like a possible vocal March song 1130 but
audio was too weak.  Canned sing-on ID announcement by alternating man and
woman at 113.  Another ID announcement by man then woman, and live studio
man announcer, music bridge, then talk by same live man followed by woman.
Into instrumental music 1149, more talk.  Strong but modulation seemed low.
 Very slow slight drift.  Still audible at tune-out.  (Valko 8 Jan.)

All for now.  73's                  Dave
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