[HCDX] DX news 10.01.2001
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[HCDX] DX news 10.01.2001

Daniele Canonica, SWITZERLAND
RX JRC 535 with 30 meter of LW antenna+MLB & ALA 1530

New DX:

INDIA-KASHMIR Radio Kashmir 4950 khz, 1512-1535 after local language px the
english px, ID by female voice "...good evening...Radio Kashmir...against
the Pakistan...", low signal but with moderate static noise, SIO 143
(Canonica Jan. 08)

PERU La Voz de la Selva 4824.40 khz, 2346-0002 good signal, talk about the
indios problems, mx, ID, SIO 323 (Canonica Jan. 09)

73 Daniele

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