[HCDX] Some loggings
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[HCDX] Some loggings



4052.4, Radio Verdad; Chiquimula, Jan. 10, 2343-0018, Non-stop choir songs.
At 2358 male speaker in Spanish with tentative IDs. Then more music and
talk, with clear ID and mention of frequency at 0016 UTC. Best in LSB, but
still lots of QRM from utility stations (data). 22332 (Veldhuis)


4789.9, Radio Atlantida; Iquitos, Jan. 9, 2345-2357, Male speaker in
Spanish, later joined by female. From 2353 there was music in the
background, while the announcers were taking turns. Guitar music at 2356.
23332, under testtone from AIR Chennai. (Veldhuis)

4890.2, Radio Chota, Jan. 10, 0018-0030, Female speaker in Spanish, lots of
flute music. Canned ID at 0025 UTC. 24322 (Veldhuis)

4955, Radio Cultural Amauta; Huanta, Jan. 9, 2312-2337, Long talk by female
in Spanish, with music bridges at 2319 and 2331. At 2334 ID with mention of
frequencies, followed by nice Andean music with high female vocals. 34433


5995.2, UNID, Jan. 10, 0809, Very weak signal with strong QRM from adjecent
channels. Male and female in what sounded like Spanish. Radio Melodia,
Araquipa, Peru? (Veldhuis)

Mark Veldhuis, Borne, the Netherlands (52.3000°N, 6.7500°E).
E-mail: dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ICQ: 38955406

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