[HCDX] Radio Australia - another relay
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[HCDX] Radio Australia - another relay

>From Monday 15 January 2001 Radio Australia's Vietnamese service will be
broadcast from a CBS (Central Broadcasting System) transmitter located
in Taiwan.

Program delivery will be from Melbourne MCR to Merlin Communications'
Control Room in London via ISDN initially until a permanent digital
circuit is established between MCR and Merlin.

The Vietnamese schedule will run seven days per week as follows:

TIME (UT)  Freq.    metre  Power   Bearing  Local   Local
           (kHz)    band   (kW)    (deg.)   Source  Destination

2330-0030  15110    19     250     225      ST322   RA ISDN 3

In Eastern Daylight Time (UT+11) the broadcast times are 1030-1130 EDT.
Therefore the first offshore Vietnamese transmission will occur at
2330-0030 UT Sunday 14 January.

The current Vietnamese transmissions scheduled from Shepparton will
cease from 15 Janauary and in the interim the Shepparton transmissions
will be replaced by the following RA English broadcasts.

TIME (UT)  Freq.    metre  Power   Bearing  Local   Local
           (kHz)    band   (kW)    (deg.)   Source  Destination

0000-0100  15415    19     100     329      NO5     line B

1230-1330   9475    31     100     329      NO5     line A

1230-1330   11880   25     100     329      NO5     line B

The costs of leasing the CBS transmitter are funded by a grant from the
Federal Government.

Access to CBS transmission resources was brokered by Merlin
Communications International.

It is envisaged that this arrangement will be maintained for at least
two years.

Nigel Holmes
Transmission Manager, RADIO AUSTRALIA
(via Australian Radio DX Club)
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