[HCDX] AM DX NewsFlash - 1/11/01
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[HCDX] AM DX NewsFlash - 1/11/01

         WELCOME TO THE AM-DX NEWSFLASH  -  January 11 2001
                          Vol 6  No 40

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 CPC DX tests


CPC Chairperson (IRCA) - Lynn Hollerman - lynnhollerman@xxxxxxxxxxx

      1/20/01 Sat - 0100-0300 - WAGL - 1560 - Lancaster SC (IRCA)
      2/ 4/01 Sun - 0000-0200 - WILM - 1450 - Wilmington DE (NRC)

Saturday, January 20, 2001 - WAGL-1560, Lancaster, SC will conduct a DX 
test from 1:00-2:00 am EST. The test will be conducted as follows: At 
1:00 am EST, WAGL will turn their carrier on - static will be heard. At 
1:05am EST, WAGL will begin carrier modulation with voice IDs, 
greetings, and music. The test will continue until 2:00am EST with 
music, voice statements, and possible Morse code IDs. WAGL will conduct 
the test using their full 50 kW into their 4 tower array directional 
antenna system.

  Reception reports may be sent to:
B.L.(Len) Phillips
General Manager
P.O. Box 28
Lancaster, SC 29721

E-mail: waglradio@xxxxxxxxxxx
WWW: http://www.waglradio.com
 (Arranged by Lynn Hollerman for the IRCA CPC.)

Sunday, February 4, 2001 - WILM-1450, Wilmington, DE will conduct a DX 
test from 12:00-2:00 am EDT. WILM will play "unusual programming", 
sirens, and Morse code IDs. Allan Loudell, Program Manager of WILM, is 
preparing a special 25th anniversary yellow QSL card. Calls to the 
station may be placed at (302) 656-9800 - NO COLLECT CALLS, PLEASE!!!

  Reception reports may be sent to:
Allan Loudell
Program Director
WILM News Radio
1215 French St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
 (Arranged by Blaine Thompson for the NRC CPC)

  If you hear a test, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know, via either e-mail or 
in rec.radio.shortwave! And if you send a reception report to a station, 
please remember to include return postage with your report...
  PLEASE NOTE: Even if you don't hear a test, be sure and drop a card, 
letter, or e-mail to the station personnel, thanking them for going to 
the trouble to run a test!

Denver Triad DX Test Results:
Patrick Griffith, Westminster, CO (NRC): Thanks to everyone who 
participated in the DX test this morning. There were so many telephone 
calls and e-mails into the station that I couldn't keep up. It was good 
to talk to so many of you 'live' for a change.
  There were a few last minute changes in the plans. About an hour before 
the test began they realized that they were going to have a problem 
switching the automation to and from simulcast before and after the test. 
So it was decided to program each stations automation separately. 
Separate Morse IDs were made and loaded into the hard drive at the last 
minute. Because of this Gregg was way behind on programming the 
individual stations. So when the test began the automation only had about 
20 minutes of programming in it for each station. The remainder of the 
programming was done on the fly while the test was in progress! All 3 
stations carried Morse IDs, long solid tones, and march music but not in 
simulcast. So what was on and when varied between the stations.
  They have been having trouble with the 1650 transmitter for a few days 
and have been running the daytime power at about 2,000 watts. However, it 
went right up to 10,000 watts tonight and stayed with no problems. 1650 
ran 10,000 watts the first half hour and back to 1,000 watts the second 
half with the usual U-1 non-directional tower. 990 ran 4,500 watts non-
directional the first half hour and 390 watts U-2 the second half. The 
directional pattern puts almost all of the signal to the south in a wide 
half circle.710 ran its usual 5,000 watts U-3 for the entire test. The 
pattern is mostly NNE and SSW with almost nothing to the NW and a very 
slight lobe to the SE.
  We received e-mail and telephone calls during the broadcast as follows: 
   710 - AZ, UT
   990 - AZ, OR, UT 
  1650 - AZ, CA(3), IL, MD, OR, UT, WA, WI and Ontario Canada
  The station staff had such a good time that they are already talking 
about doing it again, maybe in March. Thanks again everyone. Special QSLs 
will follow all written reports.

Mike Brooker, Toronto ON (NRC): Thus far on 1650, only a test tone (no 
Code IDs that I could determine) heard at 0215 EST under the usual pests 
KCNZ and WHKT.  Nothing at all on 990, except CBW and "Legends 990" 
Rochester, NY.  Wouldn't even try 710 because of CJRN and WOR.

kevin redding, Mesa AZ: Heard DX test of all three stations and sent 
detailed report to dj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .
   710 had to overcome KGNC.
   990 had to over come XECL
  1650 blew KFOX out of the water when the power was increased.

Al (NRC): KBJD Denver, CO is 20 over in Apple Valley, CA, I am getting 
some heterodyne, and am not sure what stations out here might be on 1650, 
or if it might be coming from elsewhere, anyway sent them an email.  I 
did not hear anything on 710 or 990.

Ronald Gitschier, FL (NRC): 1650khz is home to three stations tonight. 
1650 - WKHT Portsmouth, VA was dominant for the first 20 minutes of the 
test with Satellite standards (Stardust?). It seems they don't pick up 
their local tags and liners, but did ID at 2AM Eastern. This station 
picked up stregnth about 2:35. This is the same satellite service heard 
on 1660, WMIB Marco Is. FL.  1650 - Non ID. Talk Show. Woman in-studio 
Man on the phone line. Interview about school system issues, schools 
employing Union Labor... under WKHT and about 2:20 when WKHT faded down 
it was dominant.
  1650 - Non ID. Test tone. Don't know what to make of it because the 
tone didn't seem to be like in Kevin's report, alternated every couple of 
minutes with different features. No morse, marching music, etc. 
Definately a tone though. Just after 2:30AM eastern, only peculiar or 
noteworthy noise in all this were SFX of a screaming eagle.
  710 - WOR, NYC very good signal, I don't note this station very often 
here. Local talk, hearing "WOR" mention and many metro NY locales/ 
merchants in Ads. At times during the 2AM hour dominant over presumed 
Cuban and Miami mix of SS programming. At times, the SS stations 
  Forgot to check 990khz.
  Above in/with a Mitsubishi Expo 1995 AM/FM cass in dash stereo. Stock 
antenna and a R/S DX 398. In pajamas.

Larry A. Hall, Downers Grove IL (NRC): Good reception first half hour on 
1650.  Nothing on 710 or 990.  Thought I might get lucky as I got WOR 
tonight (not ofter, usually whopped by WGN).  Signal fade after first 
half hour, but continued receiving, though weakly, until end of test.  
Code/carrier stopped almost exactly at 2:00am.  Iowa was coming in very 
strong - unusually so.  WERE THEY "PROTECTING THEIR TURF"?  Their signal 
jumped down in the ditch when the test stopped.  Curious.

Pat Martin, Seaside OR: I listened to all three frequencies from 0200-
0300 EST 1/7 and found 990 & 1650 coming in well. 710 was not there 
except maybe at one point.
  1650  KBJD  CO, Denver heard anytime I checked with More Code, Tone, & 
March music from 0200-0300 EST 1/7. (PM-OR)
  990  KRKS  CO, Denver, heard mixing with CBW most of the time with many 
checks from 0200-0300 EST 1/7, Test Tones, Morse Code, and March Music 
  710  KNUS?  CO, Denver, was for the most part non-existant from 0200-
0300 1/7. I saw on 710 most of the time, as I need this call change. At 
0245 EST 1/7, March music was hrd, but uncertain if it was KNUS.
  A taped report for all frequencies will be sent.
  I phoned a bit after 0200 and spoke to Patrick Griffith, who also said 
710 was directional (U3). They have a strong null in the Seattle 
direction too. Thanks Patrick for arranging the tests.

Phil Bytheway, Seattle WA: 1650 heard with code, tones, march music and 
voice IDs.  Very nice.  Had it on my 2010 as I searched 990 and 710 for 
the other tests with the R8.
  990 was just CBC... with a bunch of KOMO-1000 slop
  710 was KIRO... and I couldn't get a null with the KIWA.
  Phoned at 0230 to verify they went to day power.  Stayed on 990 through 
0250 and then went to bed... 1650 still rolling in quite well.
  R8, KIWA loop, Sony 2010, Sanserino plug in loop

Pete Taylor, Tacoma WA: 1650 - excellent throughout.  I think conditions 
were good to the East as KBJD was good both half hours.  However, they 
were pretty fluttery at about 0250 so I assumed they were on 1kw at that 
time.  There was little level change when they went from tone to regular 
programming at 0300. (Phil, I think they dropped to 1kw at 0230 rather 
than going from 1 to 10kw).  KFOX was not a factor but their ID was heard 
at 0300.
  990 - marginal with vicious KOMO slop, CBW and an unidentified XE. 
Another EE station popped in for awhile, too.  CW ID, tone and march 
music rose a couple of times before 0230 and were copyable; nothing after 
0230 though
  710 - no way with 50kw KIRO six miles away
  Thank you Pat Griffith for not only arranging it but being there as an 
active participant!

Barry McLarnon VE3JF, Ottawa ON (NRC): I was too tired to stay up that 
late, so I decided to pick one of the three frequencies and do some timed 
recording.  990 had a double whammy of CKGM to the east and CBW to the 
west, and I've heard the 1650 before, so I settled on 710.  Alas, I 
didn't realize that the 710 would be DA for the whole period, and its 
null to protect WOR means virtually no RF comes in this direction.  Oh 
well.  I heard the usual WOR, CKVM, and unidentified SS.  One surprise 
logging was daytimer WUFF in Eastman GA ("97.5, The Big Woof"), who 
apparently ran all night.  If anybody heard some C&W in the mix last 
night, it was likely them.  They don't make "clear" channels like they 
used to...

Nigel Pimblett, Medicine Hat AB: All three signals heard here, with 
varying qualities.  1650 is usually good here, and it was solid 
throughout the test period.  710 was generally under KIRO, and also had 
QRM from a Cuban at the beginning, but it would come on top every so 
often.  990 was the hardest, as CBW was its usual powerful self, and a 
Mexican station was audible too, but the code came through quite well at 

Frank Aden, Boise ID: 710, KNUS, CO, Denver, 1/7, 0200-0300,  DX Test 
heard under KIRO with tones, code IDs & marching music.  (FA)
  990,  KRKS, CO, Dnever, 1/7, 0200-0300, DX test heard about even with 
CBW with vocal IDS, code IDs and marching music. (FA)
  1650, KBJD, CO, Denver, 1/7, 0200-3000, DX Test heard with almost local 
signal, vocal IDS, code IDs & marching music.
  FRG7 with 4 foot Box loop & Radio Shack modified TRF

Chris Rigas, Wood Dale IL (NRC): 1650 and 990 heard here in Wood Dale, 
Illinois, with 1650 blasting in. 990 kHz had some splash from WMVP (AM 
1000) and CBW interference. No chance on 710 as I am only 5 miles from 
the WGN (720) transmitter, and hearing anything on 710 and 730 is nearly 
impossible for me.

Marc Delorenzo, Newton MA (NRC): 710 - No way; WOR very loud as usual.
  990 -  No go; A jumble of East Coast stations dominated by Rochester, 
  1650- Tones heard 0205-0215 well under WHKT and about even with KDNZ, 
both of which were weaker than usual. No ID's heard so not counted here. 
Maybe the next time.

Patrick Griffith, Westminster CO (NRC): Folks, I have posted information 
and photos from this morning's DX test on my web site. You can go 
directly to it at:  http://community.webtv.net/N0NNK/DENVERDXTEST



*Eric Bueneman - Hazlewood MO - n0uiheric@xxxxxxx

  WHKT-1650. Noted Adult Standards on 1650 around 0155 ELT; the feed was 
most likely Jones Radio Network. Heard a legal ID for WHKT around 0200. 
Apparently, WHKT has dropped Christian Talk for Adult Standards. KCNZ 
topped the frequency, KBJD a distant third.

*Pete Taylor - Tacoma WA - taytac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  KJR is definitely at the new site (with KHHO).  900-1000 is now gone 
daytimes so I suspect they are indeed running it at 50kw.  I haven't 
even started to identify the new mixing products... At night, I am now 
getting their harmonic on 1900.

*Dennis Gibson - dcgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Here's a link to their new pattern (they are DA-1; same pattern day and 
night) from the KHHO site: http://www.radiostation.com/cgi-

**JohnCallarman - JohnCallarman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  KGHT-880, must be running it's 50 kw D or 31 kw CH non-DA tonight, 
noted powerfully dominant at 8:40 p.m. EST in Krum, Texas, with gospel 
music. Competing with KAAY???
  Somebody caught 'em. By 10 p.m. EST recheck (to try to get a call 
letter ID) they were gone, and it was KRVN ending Billy Graham's "Hour 
of Decision." At least I taped their slogan earlier... "Your Arkansas 
Son-Dial, AM-880."

*Richard Toebe - Davis CA - richtoebe@xxxxxxx

  I noted KKXX with ESPN Saturday afternoon at 1700 EST, with no ID at 
the hour, just the familiar dead spot I got used to from 1620.  This is 
another programming decision that has to make one wonder.  KNRO-600 
comes in all day here, and now the 1670 parallel is running daily; why 
on earth would 930 go to ESPN as well?  Paradise, Chico, Redding are 
more or less the same market; they share TV stations.  Isn't KKXX 
selling enough brokered time?  Why not try R Disney instead?  By the 
way, KRAK 1470 is still relaying 105.1 KNCI, no change in format to 
rumored Disney yet.

**Mike Brooker - Toronto ON - aum108@xxxxxxxxxxx

  CHWO began regular programs on 740 today, as scheduled.  Official s/on 
was at 0740 EST, with a speech by CHWO's president/CEO Michael Caine: 
"the switch I have just thrown marks and end and a beginning...today we 
launch a radio station like no other on the AM or FM dial..."
  They're running //1250 for today and probably for a few more months.  
The REL format CJYE on 1250 isn't happening just yet.
  Where's the promo campaign?  Here in Toronto I have not yet seen a 
single outdoor ad, bus shelter, subway or transit vehicle ad, or print 
media ad for "Prime Time 740".  Unless you're a DXer or a regular CHWO-
1250 listener, you wouldn't even know that there is a new station in 
this market.

**Patrick Griffith - CO - AM-DXer@xxxxxxxxx

  1690 KDDZ CO Arvada - 1/9 1739 - Came back on at 1739 after being dark 
for 4 days due to transmitter problems. Standard Radio Disney network ID 
and no local announcement noted at sign on. Sounded like very low power 
initially then a few clicks and better signal at 1826. (PG-CO)

Drake R-8, Palomar loop

****Bernd Trutenau - btrutenau@xxxxxxxx

  Krzysztof Rybus reports that the first outlet of the MW community 
radio project, Twoje Radio Lipsko, is going to start on 1 February on 
963 kHz with 100 Watts. There will be test transmissions during the next 
few weeks. Polskie Fale Srednie, the organizers of this project, can be 
reached at <biuro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.
 (Source: Krzysztof Rybus-POL via Wolfgang Büschel-D, plus additional 

***Jan Edh - jan.edh@xxxxx

  CFLP, Rimouski, PQ is no more on AM 1000, but turned FM (102,9). Jean 
Fournier, Chief Engineer, tells in a letter that he switched the MW-
transmitter off on December 31st., 2000. Jean Fournier also gives a 
meagre future to us MW-fans: In five years from now 95 percent of the 
MW-stations in North America (especially Canada) have left the AM-band 
and turned to FM only. 



*kevin redding - Mesa AZ - lwdxer@xxxxxxxx

Heard on a DX-440 and RS 15-1853 loop:

 840  WHAS  KY, Louisville 1/1/01 0536 Time and ID then into the years 
       movies in review. 
 870  WWL   LA, New Orleans 1/1/01 0545 playing a bluegrass song then ID 
       and into truckers program.
 950  R. Reloj, CUBA 1/1/01 1108 heard underneath 950 from Lubbock KXTQ 
       with .-. .-. "RR" in morse code several times. 
1160  KENS  TX, San Antonio 1/1/01 0850 and the Dave Ramsey Show. 
1260  XEMW  MEXICO, San Luis Colorado 1/1/01 1200 with ToH ID and "La 
       Zeta" slogan. Playing Mexican disco music. 

***Terry Krueger - Clearwater FL - tocobagadx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

"Florida Low Power Radio Stations" is at: 

 590  CUBA R Musical Nacional, Santa Clara, Villa Clara, just for the 
       record, they continue to shut down this national network at 
       midnight local.  Tonight, 0457-0507* January 4, closing ID's by 
       M&W at 0457 followed by instrumental anthem, abruptly switching 
       to the R Rebelde national network (at 0459, tonight).  The 590 
       transmitter has always remained on overnight with Rebelde, though 
       tonight it abruptly pulled the plug at 0507.  Not sure if a fluke 
       or midnight new closing of this energy-burning powerhouse.  
 910  CUBA R Cadena Agramonte, unknown city, provincia Camaguey, noted 
       on December 31 local evening from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Possible 
       new frequency for this one. (David Crawford)  And the local 
       (Tampa) station on 910 remains silent, opening the channel for 
       opportunities. (Krueger)
1020  FLORIDA per Tony Simon in South Florida: "Just read in the local 
       "New Times" magazine that a new, from-scratch AM will debut in 
       the Miami area in January, 2001.  WRBF/1020, licensed to Kendall, 
       will run a Haitian/Creole format. Unlike previous Kreyol 
       operations in this area, it will NOT be a block-programmed 
       situation, where different programmers buy different hours.  This 
       will be an LMA with option to purchase, meaning that the entire 
       programming schedule will be leased out to just one entity, and 
       that entity will have the option of purchasing the station in a 
       few years.  They say they will be ready with limited power for 
       January 1, 2001, we'll see if that's the case.  Studios will be 
       at the former WKAT facilities at the "Sailboat Cay" condominium 
       in North Miami (where yours truly began his radio career, but 
       that's another story)."
1240  CUBA R Veintiseis, Bolondron, Matanzas, 0354-0401 January 4, mid-
       tempo SP vocals.  Interesting log only because they aired a 3 + 1 
       time sounder at 0400, followed by an ID. (Krueger)
1500  FLORIDA WKIZ, Key West, 0228-0234 December 27, fair atop WTOP with 
       Cuban oldie vocals, M SP "WKIZ" ID at 0231, back to vocals.  
1500  FLORIDA WPSO, New Port Richey & 1520 WXYB, Indian Rocks Beach, 
       while trying to ID various Central/South American stations on and 
       near 1520, have noted this local station sporadically on local 
       nights through pre-sunrise, such as 0625+ December 24, and most 
       nights since.  Per the FCC dB, this is still listed as a 1 kW 
       Class D (daytime) station, as is their affiliate on 1500, WPSO, 
       New Port Richey, Florida (250 watts, Class D daytime).  
       Programming is mostly Greek, for the Tarpon Springs Greek 
       community.  So, on the evening of December 29, I called the WXYB 
       phone number, listed on the web site www.wpso.com.  Both stations 
       are often running parallel audio when in Greek.  Surprisingly, 
       Angelos Angelatos, the owner, answered.  He stated that 1520 has 
       been active "low power" at night, as is WPSO ("five watts"). And 
       finally on GMT January 4, 0340-0350, I was able to parallel a 
       threshold signal on 1500 (WPSO), with Greek renditions of 
       traditional Christmas songs.  A decent catch for five watts, I 
       guess.  I also noted that the FCC dB lists both stations as 
       "Domestic status: A petition to move to the expanded band with 
       stereo preference."  Angelos said "yes", he has applied for X-
       band status for both stations, but could not specify the 
       frequency or frequencies.  He stated that the channel(s) have not 
       been determined by the FCC in the early phase of the application 
       (I am uncertain of the application steps versus frequency 
       allocation procedures). I also asked about his WPSO web page 
       listing of "WHBA 107.7" FM, a station unknown to me.  
       Unfortunately, this is only via cable in the Tarpon area, per 
       Angelos.  His Low Power TV on channel 48 remains active as well.  
       Several months ago, WXYB/WPSO audio with Greek programming was 
       noted one early evening only, on 96.1 MHz, an unknown though 
       presumed unauthorized/non-licensed transmitter relaying their 
       audio. (Krueger)
1590  CUBA R Enciclopedia, unknown site, noted local post-midnight 
       December 31.  Possible via the R Granma, Manzanillo, Granma 
       transmitter (overnight relay), though unconfirmed.  Logged from 
       Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  (David Crawford)
1650  USA unidentified, 0425-0450 January 4, nonstop presumed satellite-
       fed coctail vocals (Sinatra, Dean Martin and some slightly more 
       current) oldies, parallel audio to 1660 WMIB, Marco Island, 
       Florida and their weaker affiliate on 1480, WODX.  Unable to 
       stick around through top of hour to see which of the many X-
       bander possibilities is was.  Fair. (Krueger)
1700  FLORIDA WAFN, Miami Springs, 0138-0201 January 4, SP modern 
       Christian vocals, heard thanks Tony Simon. Per Tony: "WAFN has 
       dropped their English All Sports "The Fan" format and reverted to 
       Spanish, as an affiliate of the "Voz Cristiana" religious 
       network.  Only local element was a "Radio Luz, WAFN, Miami 
       Springs" ID thrown in whenever at the top of the hour."  

*Albert Lehr - Livermore CA - ALehr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

930  KKXX  CA, Paradise is now dividing their time between religion
            and ESPN.  Heard 1/4 1601 PST with ID as "The North
            Valley's ESPN Radio 930."  No call letters or city given.
            Checked them 1/5 1256 and they were concluding a religion
            program.  IDed at 1300: "ESPN Radio AM 930 KKXX, Paradise,"
            then into ESPN sports, with promos for ESPN programs between
            1300 and 1900 PST.  They may continue beyond 1900, though.

***Michael Schnitzer - Hassfurt GERMANY - mschnitzer@xxxxxxxxxxxx

1566  AIR Nagpur, January 5, 2000-2040, Hindi, English; Indian songs and 
       music; time signal, usual AIR-ID and news in English at 2030; 
       phantastic signal partly with S=9+10. Antenna used: EWE to Asia.

Mark Connelly - MarkWA1ION@xxxxxxxxxx

  [Connelly*H-MA] = East Harwich, Cape Cod, MA (GC= 70.021 W / 41.713 N)
(near junction of Routes 39 & 137: pitch pine forest 2 km from ocean)
  Receiver: Drake R8A
  Antenna systems: Quantum Loop, broadband loop, active whip, modified 
Quantum Phaser


 549  ALGERIA  Chaine 1, Les Trembles, DEC 30 0233 - female Arabic 
       vocal; poor. [Connelly*H-MA]
 567  IRELAND  RTE R.1, Tullamore, DEC 17 2319 - mellow pop vocal and 
       piano; fair. 
     + DEC 29 2352 - soft English talk, then jazz; fair. [Connelly*H-MA]
 585  SPAIN  RNE R.1, Madrid, DEC 29 2349 - calm discussion by man in 
       Spanish; good, over het from presumed Tunisia on 584.49. 
 603  FRANCE  France Bleu, Lyon, DEC 29 2347 - fair with folk-style 
       French male vocal // strong 945. [Connelly*H-MA]
 612  IRELAND  RTE 2FM, Athlone, DEC 29 2356 - techno dance club music; 
       slightly over Morocco. [Connelly*H-MA]
 612  MOROCCO  Sebaa-Aioun, DEC 17 2315 - man in Arabic; over Ireland. 
 639  SPAIN  RNE R.1, La Coruna, DEC 29 2356 - Spanish talk by man; in 
       bad CBN slop. [Connelly*H-MA] 
 684  SPAIN  RNE R.1, Sevilla, DEC 29 2214 - Spanish talkshow // 855 et 
       al.; initially poor.
     + DEC 29 2343 - discussion and teletalk; now excellent with WRKO 
       phased. [Connelly*H-MA]
 693  UNITED KINGDOM  BBC R. 5, Droitwich et al., DEC 17 2324 - English 
       newstalk, strong het from Azores-693.7. 
     + DEC 29 2358 - English discussion; poor with Azores het / QRM. 
 693.7  AZORES  Centro Regional da RDP, Terceira, DEC 17 2324 - bits of 
       music, fat het. 
     + DEC 29 2337 - Portuguese talk at low audio level on fair strength 
       carrier. [Connelly*H-MA]
 729  SPAIN  RNE R.1 synchros, DEC 29 2323 - // 855 with man in Spanish; 
       in slop. [Connelly*H-MA] 
 738  SPAIN  RNE R.1, Barcelona, DEC 29 2333 - // 855 with fast Spanish 
       newstalk; fair through CHCM slop with CHWO phased. 
 765  SWITZERLAND  RSR, Sottens, DEC 17 2329 - folk-style vocal; poor to 
       fair. [Connelly*H-MA]
 774  SPAIN  RNE R.1 synchros, DEC 29 2324 - // 855 with man & woman in 
       Spanish; fair, over apparent Arabic music station. 
 783  MAURITANIA  ORTM, Nouakchott, DEC 30 0003 - // 4845 with Arabic 
       woman in studio and a man on the telephone; fair. [Connelly*H-MA]
 855  SPAIN  RNE R.1, Murcia et al., DEC 29 2214 - Spanish talkshow // 
       684; good. [Connelly*H-MA] 
 864  FRANCE  France Bleu, Paris, DEC 17 2336 - old-fashioned female 
       vocal // 945; fair. [Connelly*H-MA]
 891  ALGERIA  Chaine 1, Alger, DEC 17 2252 - droning vocal; in 
       Cuba/WBPS slop. 
     + DEC 29 2212 - solo, then group Arabic vocal; poor to fair. 
 945  FRANCE  France Bleu, Toulouse, DEC 17 2335 - sentimental French 
       female vocal and piano; good to excellent. 
     + DEC 29 2205 - French male vocal and piano (style of Elton John); 
       to good peak. [Connelly*H-MA]
 954  SPAIN  R. Espana, Madrid, DEC 29 2205 - man in Spanish; poor. 
 981.1  ALGERIA  Radiodif. Algerienne, Algiers, DEC 17 2145 - Arabic 
       string music at low audio level, about 100 Hz high of nominal. 
 999  SPAIN  COPE, Madrid, DEC 29 2202 - Spanish news by man & woman, 
       into telephone interview; fair strength signal, compressed punchy 
       audio. [Connelly*H-MA]
1017  GERMANY  SWR-1, Wolfsheim, DEC 17 2340 - man in German; poor. 
1044  MOROCCO  Sebaa-Aioun, DEC 17 2126 - Arabic music, talk; through 
       static crashes. [Connelly*H-MA]
1044  SPAIN  SER synchros, DEC 17 2341 - Spanish teletalk; to good peak. 
1062  DENMARK  Danmarks R., Kalundborg, DEC 17 2204 - man & woman with 
       news in Danish. [Connelly*H-MA]
1089  UNITED KINGDOM  Talk Sport synchros, DEC 23 0438 - Talk Sport 
       mention, then responses to e-mails from listeners; fair. 
1179  SWEDEN (t)  R. Sweden, Solvesborg, DEC 17 2234 - apparent English 
       talk; over usual SER Canaries/Spain. [Connelly*H-MA]
1206  FRANCE  France Bleu, Bordeaux, DEC 17 2100 - woman in French, then 
       romantic vocal; fair. 
     + DEC 17 2336 - good, // 864 & 945. 
     + DEC 29 2159 - torch song type female vocal (style of Julie 
       London), then woman in French; fair with WPHT phased. 
1214.9  ALBANIA (t)  DEC 17 2230 - presumed this, per information from 
       European reporters, with low-side growl against Spain/UK-1215. 
1251  LIBYA  Tripoli, DEC 17 2055 - energetic emotional male group 
       Arabic vocal. [Connelly*H-MA]
1467  FRANCE  TWR, Roumoules, DEC 17 2211 - Arabic talk by man; fair to 
       good, slight WZOU slop. [Connelly*H-MA]
1521  SAUDI ARABIA  BSKSA, Duba, DEC 17 2020 - Arabic talk by man, Saudi 
       Arabia mentions; to good peak. [Connelly*H-MA]


 526  BAHAMAS  ZLS, Stella Maris, DEC 30 0139 - "ZLS" code beacon; good. 
 530  TURKS & CAICOS  R. Vision Cristiana Internacional, South Caicos, 
       DEC 30 0139 - Spanish preacher talked about children - he went 
       from whispering to shouting; excellent, over 531 het. 
 535  GRENADA  GBC, St. George's, DEC 30 0138 - jazz piano, then female 
       soul vocal; to fair peak. [Connelly*H-MA] 
 555  ST. KITTS & NEVIS  R. ZIZ, Basseterre, DEC 30 0137 - Caribbean 
       English talk, some kind of meeting or awards ceremony, room 
       reverberation evident; fair through WGAN slop. [Connelly*H-MA]
 570  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC  HIMS, Santo Domingo, DEC 30 0135 - Spanish 
       mentions of Santo Domingo, New Year's celebrations.  Merengue 
       music followed. Over WMCA and Cuba. [Connelly*H-MA]
 580  PUERTO RICO  R. Reloj, WKAQ, San Juan, DEC 30 0132 - Puerto Rican 
       talkshow; loud, way over WTAG/HIAF/CJFX. [Connelly*H-MA] 
 610  COLOMBIA  Radiodifusora Nacional de Colombia, Uribia, DEC 30 0147 
       - Colombian folk songs, brief announcement mentioning Uribia; 
       over others. [Connelly*H-MA]
 620  ANTIGUA  ABS, St. John's, DEC 30 0151 - synthesizer-heavy dance 
       music, then male soca vocal; huge ! [Connelly*H-MA]
 640  VENEZUELA  Union R., YVQO, Puerto La Cruz, DEC 30 0152 - Caracas 
       news; over CBN and Cuba. [Connelly*H-MA] 
 650  COLOMBIA  RCN Antena Dos, HJKH, Bogota, DEC 30 0115 - Colombia 
       local mentions, then talk about a big band orchestra leader and 
       the "Rhumba de Cali"; huge. [Connelly*H-MA] 
 660  ST. LUCIA (t)  St. Lucia BC, Babonneau, DEC 30 0154 - apparent 
       English talk, then "I Want to Know What Love Is" by Foreigner 
       (from 1985); mixed with WFAN and a Spanish talker. 
 670  VENEZUELA  R. Rumbos, YVLL, Caracas, DEC 30 0156 - time check "... 
       minutos hora Rumbos", then into romantic vocal.  Someone under 
       with a sporting event in Spanish. [Connelly*H-MA]
 690  ANGUILLA  Caribbean Beacon, The Valley, DEC 30 0200 - jazz, then a 
       mention of the Gene Scott show; over/under CINF.  Usually-
       parallel 6090 had a foreign language program at the time. 
 700  JAMAICA  RJR, Montego Bay, DEC 30 0204 - Jamaican jive-talking DJ; 
       slightly over South American jumble. [Connelly*H-MA]
 700  VENEZUELA  R. Sur, YVPQ, Puerto Ordaz, DEC 30 0938 - Radio Sur 
       Siete Cientos ID, then folk-style Spanish vocal. [Connelly*H-MA]
 705  ST. VINCENT & GRENADINES  NBC 705 Radio, Kingstown, DEC 29 2335 - 
       "The Christmas Song" by Nat King Cole; good with WOR phased. 
 720  VENEZUELA  R. Oriente, YVQE, Porlamar, DEC 29 2334 - Spanish 
       sports-related talk with mentions of Porlamar  and Venezuela; 
       over/under CHTN. 
     + DEC 30 0954 - Christmas hymn, then ID "R. Oriente ... la senal de 
       Venezuela"; excellent. [Connelly*H-MA]
 750  VENEZUELA  RCR, YVKS, Caracas, DEC 30 0000 - Caracas news; 
       slightly over CBGY. [Connelly*H-MA] 
 760  COLOMBIA  RCN, HJAJ, Barranquilla, DEC 29 2325 - RCN ID; huge. 
 760  CUBA  R. Reloj, Las Mercedes & Guanabacoa, DEC 30 0206 - Reloj 
       news and time show; mixed with Colombia. [Connelly*H-MA] 
 780  VENEZUELA  Ecos del Torbes, YVOD, San Cristobal, DEC 30 0930 - 
       old-fashioned Latin American music (almost ranchera style), then 
       Ecos del Torbes ID. [Connelly*H-MA]
 780  VENEZUELA  R. Coro, YVMN, Coro, DEC 30 0210 - sedate talk program, 
       R. Coro ID; over other Latin American (probably YVOD), other 
       stations not noted. [Connelly*H-MA] 
 809.66  unID  DEC 30 0213 - het against WGY: probably the Cuban noted 
       on 808.5 earlier in the month. [Connelly*H-MA]
 830  ST. KITTS & NEVIS  Trinity Broadcast Network, Charlestown, DEC 30 
       0217 - // 7510 with excited preacher who advised "Don't be hard-
       headed and stubborn."  Dominant over WCRN. [Connelly*H-MA]
 969.77  unID  DEC 17 2337 - weak het against WZAN. [Connelly*H-MA]
1375.02  ST. PIERRE & MIQUELON  RFO, St. Pierre, DEC 17 2023 - salsa 
       music with Spanish and English vocals; excellent. [Connelly*H-MA]

Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

1340t CKCR  BC, Revelstoke, prob the station with "Your More Music 
       Network, Easy Rock" ID at 2348 EST 1/5. Gallery open in Salmon 
       Arm, C&W and Old Rock, Terry Jacks, etc. Mostly buried in the 
       jumble. (PM-OR)

Drake R8, 1500' Eastern Beverage

***Jari Perkiömäki - jpe@xxxxxxxx

  Selected loggings from PET1 -- a one-night DX session on 22-23 
December 2000 in Petolahti, 40 kilometres south of Vaasa, Finland.
  Participants: Patrik Willför and Jari Perkiömäki .Antennas: 235 
degrees 400 m, 255 degrees 850 m, 285 degrees 800 m, 310 degrees 700 m. 
Receivers: AOR AR7030plus and YAESU FRG-7700.

kHz     UTC    Date     Station

 252    1845   22.12.00 Atlantic 252 (Ireland), incredibly strong. PET1
 648    1558   22.12.00 Muravideki Magyar Radio, sounded the
                        ID like - from Slovenia... PET1
 774    0720   23.12.00 BBC R Kent, Tabloid Competition plus news and wx
 999    0830   23.12.00 Magic 999, ads for Southport and Blackpool. PET1
1010    0045   23.12.00 CFRB Toronto, the only trans-atlantic tonight.
                        "CFRB 10-10". PET1
1035    1631   22.12.00 NorthSound Two with traffic report. PET1
1080    0727   23.12.00 SER Radio Coruna, local px at this time on Sat
                        morning. 0730 probably joining the chain. PET1
1116    0918   23.12.00 BBC R Derby, heard best on the fq. PET1
1143    1750   22.12.00 VOA Poro (Philippines) came in extremely well,
                        first thought this is AFN local... PET1
1161    1621   22.12.00 R Tay dominates this fq. PET1
1170    0600   23.12.00 Magic 1170 with ID plus Independent Radio
                        News. PET1
1296    0800   23.12.00 Radio XL, Indian px from the Midlands, UK. PET1
1368    1616   22.12.00 Manx Radio, summarizing their pxs on Xmas
                        holidays. PET1
1413    1925   22.12.00 RNE5 Vigo with local news. PET1
1431    0650   23.12.00 Breeze AM, playing Carly Simon. Also ads
                        plus ID. PET1
1485    1730   22.12.00 BBC R Humberside. PET1
1503    1640   22.12.00 BBC R Stoke, audible 24 hours more or less. PET1
1530    0900   23.12.00 Big AM, West Yorkshire. Ads and the news. PET1
1548    1700   22.12.00 Forth AM, fading in for ID on the hour. PET1
1548    1710   22.12.00 Capital Gold, playing Madonna. PET1
1557    0706   23.12.00 BBC R Lancashire, Saturday Breakfast Show. PET1
1557    0709   23.12.00 Classic Gold 1557, Northamptonshire. Playing
                        Stevie Wonder and Jennifer Rush. PET1
1584    0411   23.12.00 Radio Paradijs (Holland), heard many times this
                        morning. The fq drifting -+0.02kHz from the
                        nominal. PET1
1602    0459   23.12.00 Radio Egerszeg (Hungary), s/on at this time PET1
1611.2  0813   23.12.00 Zonnenster playing polkas. PET1
1635    0647   23.12.00 Meteoor also with merry Xmas polkas. PET1
1636    0713   23.12.00 Wegpiraat, reporting to Meteoor and Concordia.
1636.6  0716   23.12.00 Commando with reports. PET1
1637.4  0706   23.12.00 Concordia. QSO with Meteoor for some time. PET1
6458.50U 0623  23.12.00 AFRTS Isabela, PR with AFN ID and Sports Fan 
                        Radio Network px. PET1

E-MAIL:  saxelrod@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1460  KXNO  IA Des Moines -01/06 1725- Poor signals in a mess with Iowa 
       sports talk and XNO ID's. NEW! (VALDX-MB) 

1190  UNID -01/06 1800- Weak partial ID as 95.5FM into ABC news. 
1190  UNID -01/06 1806- Poor signals with CNN Headline news. (VALDX-MB)
1290  UNID -01/06 2315- BBD/NOS music in CFST null on East wire. 
1480  KRXR  ID Gooding -01/07 0950- Spanish talk Mexican music. This is 
       my old UNID finally got ID on the hour. (VALDX-MB)
1610  UNID -01/07 0645- Talk about Chippawa Park. (VALDX-MB)
1610  UNID -01/07 0700- Talk about waterfalls and trails in Minnesota. 
1610  UNID -01/07 0810- Talk about welcome to Wisconsin by lady. 
1610  UNID -1/06 1900- Hockey game being called don't think it was KALT.

1200  WCHB  MI Taylor -01/07 0745- Fair signals with local bank ads 
       Gospel music and WCHB ID. New!!  (VALDX-MB)
1690  KSXX  CA Roseville -01/06 1950- Heard with woman in Russian then 
       changed to Spanish on the hour. No sign of usual Disney pest all 
       night. NEW!!  (VALDX-MB)

 153  Norway NRK Nordkapp Jan 6 2340 Good signals alone on frequency 
       with instrumental versions of American po music. Only this and 
       189 Iceland heard. NEW! (VALDX-MB)

  Well we made it there and back but just barely. Wayne and I took 
advantage of warmer (only -10) weather to go to the DX site. We were 
greeted by and unplowed road that I must admit the Ford Taurus handled 
well for the quarter mile it had to go through. The bottom of the car is 
clean now!
  After unloading the equipment and loading up one toboggan we started 
off all together to confident. That stopped when we got to the open 
field. The snow was in many place knee deep and even the toboggan sank 
in the soft spots. With 100 lbs of stuff on it we took over half an hour 
to make the 1200 foot distance. We both pu shed or pulled the load 
across the field and 50 paces was it before a rest was needed. We rested 
at the DX bus for 15 minutes before going back for more.  After walking 
back to get more things like 2 50 lb batteries to power the radios I got 
a great idea. Went to the next farm where the young guys were playing on 
their snow machines. They were more than pleased to come play in our 
field for 5 minutes to cut a path to the DX bus. Well talk about better. 
The next trip was in 10 minutes and we did not sweat off 5 lbs each. 
Getting too old for this. Trust my in Canada DX'ing is not for the 
  The good thing was we had put out antennas in late November so all we 
had to do was set up the radios and listen once we finished the treks.
  Another trip with the toboggans with the 300 lbs of wood for this 
season's Dx'ing made sure we were staying for the night. After all that 
we were going to DX or pass out.
  As you see the DX was good with a new one from Norway on Longwave and 
some new domestic DX. Conditions were poorer than usual with no Mexicans 
heard. Also no TA or TP hets on MW.
  Oh well we have fun and by the way slept really well that night.
  Hey it just a hobby but what a hobby!!!!!

**Wayne Heinen - Aurora CO - Nrclog@xxxxxxx

KALT-1610 was armchair copy here 8:40 PM - 9:00 PM ELT last night with 
Fox sports to SRN news on the hour "KALT Atlantic - Texarkana Positive 
Talk - Believe It"

Morris Sorensen - Winnipeg MB - SMosor@xxxxxxx

 840  CJXX  AB Grande Prairie 1/7 0903 fair with Canadian national news, 
       ad for Rodgers AT&T Wireless, sports, weather for Peace River 
       country and Grande Prairie, country music (MS-MB)
1130  WISN  WI Milwaukee 1/7 0833 fair with ad for local internet 
       provider giving 414 area code, into syndicated talk show (MS-MB)
1190  CFSL  SK Weyburn 1/6 0058 fair in WOWO null with country music, 
       news from Broadcast News, sports then-"Yesterday and today's hits 
       on AM 1190 country." Heard several times before, but for some 
       reason they weren't in my log! (MS-MB)
1470  KLBP  MN Brooklyn Park 1/7 0937 fair with nostalgic music (mostly 
       1950's stuff), ID, mention of Twin Cities, announcement of 
       upcoming broadcast of service from Mt. Olivet Lutheran Chiurch. 
1530  WLSP  MI Lapeer 1/6 1700 s/off fair mentioning Lapeer and "all 
       sports AM-1530 WLSP". (MS-MB)
1530  KSMM  MN Shakopee 1/7 0955 fair ending service from St. John's 
       Lutheran Church in Chaska(?) MN (MS-MB) 
1600  WRPN  WI Ripon 1/8 1658 fair with talk show, ID "The place to go 
       when you need to know, WRPN Ripon..."ilnto local weather and 
       news. (MS-MB)

Drake R8* with McKay-Dymek loop, Grundig YB-400 with internal antenna

****Mike Brooker - Toronto ON - aum108@xxxxxxxxxxx

Panasonics RF-2200, RFB-45

DX tests not heard:

 990  KRKS Denver, CO Jan. 7 0200-0300 Not heard.  Frequency dominated 
       by CBW. "Legends 990" (WLGZ, Rochester, NY) in CBW null.(MKB-ON)
1650  KBJD Denver, CO Jan. 7 Very tentative, heard test tone at 0215, 
       but no code IDs under usual pests KCNZ and WHKT.  (MKB-ON)

Other stuff that WAS heard:

 740  CHWO Oakville, ON began regular broadcasts Jan. 8.  Official sign-
       on was at  0740.   //1250 for now.  (MKB-ON)
 910  WSUI Iowa City, IA Jan. 3 0705 alone on frequency w/end of NPR 
       news, ID by woman: "it's 5 minutes after 6 o'clock at WSUI" into 
       state news. (MKB-ON)
 910  WABI Bangor, ME Jan. 5 1815 surfaced over nasty internal (2 x 455 
       kHz) mixing spur w/Percy Faith's Theme from a Summer Place, ID 
       slogan "75 years of service to eastern Maine and still growing, 
       this is WABI".  (MKB-ON)
1130  KFAN Minneapolis, MN Jan. 1 1653 fair o/WBBR w/Minnesota 
       Timberwolves vs. Houston Rockets basketball game, slogan "you're 
       listening to Wolves basketball on The Fan".  QSLed as WDGY in 
       1979.  (MKB-ON)
1250  CHWO Oakville, ON Jan. 8 the new REL format CJYE hasn't appeared 
       yet. The usual nostalgia format, // 740, w/"Prime Time 740" IDs.  
       But for how long will the 740/1250 simulcast continue?  (MKB-ON)
1500  KSTP St. Paul, MN Jan.6 0853 ID as "The Talk Station, AM 1500 
       KSTP" into PSAs from the Ad Council, Little Brothers, and the 
       National Fatherhood Initiative.  No sign of WTOP.  (MKB-ON)

****Martin Elbe - elbe@xxxxxxxxxxxx

  Quite good conditions towards North America today in the X-Band. 1640 
kHz, WKSH Sussex WI fair with religious soft songs after 0605 UTC. 
First-time log for me. A talk station poor on 1670, WTDY WI? On 1690 
WPTX rather good, 1660 hadn't WMIB as all the weeks before but WWRU with 
their spanish programming. Decided to record 1640 kHz before I left for 
the office.
  1/10. This morning a HUGE signal from WTAW 1620 kHz, 0535-0600 UTC in 
the clear. Afterwards strong RTTY-QRM, but whenever the RTTY-station had 
a few seconds of silence they popped up again. Can't believe that they 
are on assigned nightpower of 1 kW. Must have been 10 kW. Strongest X-
Bander at that time.

*Chuck Boehnke - Keaau HI - kale@xxxxxxxx

1206  1045 UTC, CRI Younann China (presumed) heard well with assorted CC 
       programs, mx and dramas, comedy and etc.  Huge signal but with 
       very poor audio quality. 1/7/01.

Drake R8B, 300 foot "Kahuna" dipole. (Also heard fairly well at the same 
time on a Sony ICF-S5W barefoot portable inside the house.)

**David Hochfelder - New Brunswick NJ - hochfeld@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sony ICF2010 using its internal antenna. All times in Eastern Time.

 630  WPRO  RI Providence-1/5 1745-1800-talk format
 830  WCCO  MN Minneapolis-1/5 2215-under/over WEEU Reading, PA; 
       carrying Montreal/Pittsburgh NHL game (good to see Lemieux back!)
 850  WEEI  MA Boston-1/5 2245-2300-"sports flash"
 850  KOA   CO Denver-1/5 2245-2300-news format
 910  WJCW  NC Johnson City-1/6 1700-1720-carrying "Bucaneer" basketball 
1150  WDEL  DE Wilmington-1/6 1830-1845-financial talk; good reception 
       until CKOC Hamilton fade-in around 1845
1370  WXXI  NY Rochester-1/5 2130-2210-NPR simulcast from Boston 
       affiliate WBUI(?)
1370  WFEA  NH Manchester-1/5 2130-2210-carrying University of New 
       Hampshire hockey game
1370  WSPD  OH Toledo-1/5 2130-2210-"News Radio 1370;" "Northwest Ohio 
1370  WLTC  NC Gastonia-1/5 2130-2210-religious/gospel format; "Rejoice 
       Radio;" frequent mentions of a Gastonia church

UNID and Help With...

 560  UNID 1/7 2245-2330-seems to be three stations underneath/in null 
       of local WFIL Philadelphia.  One is ESPN carrying Sports Talk, 
       another talk with show on meteor extinction of the dinasaurs, and 
       third is gospel (not WFIL, which was carrying a spoken program of 
       some sort).  All three ID'd at the top of the hour, but their 
       ID's all interfered, so I missed them all. Interesting channel: 
       I'll be revisiting it till I've sorted this out.
1150  UNID 1/6 1830-1845-underneath WDEL Wilmington; reggae show called 
       "Island Sounds."  Lost it when CKOC Hamilton faded in.



**Larry A. Hall

  On two occasions, today and yesterday, I was picking up WJJG, 1530 -- 
on 630. JJG is a local and not much of a powerhouse. (760 watts, L3) per 
the NRC log.  It is about 12 miles north, northeast from my location.
  I tried listeninging to 1490 on 590 (another nearby local) as a quick 
check and there was no hint of the same 900 kilohertz difference. 
 Is it my receiver or the transmitter?

**Delorenzo, Marc - Marc.Delorenzo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  If you hear this on two different receivers, it's the transmitter. If 
you hear it on one receiver but not on another, it's the receiver.

**Russ Edmunds - wb2bjh@xxxxxxxxxxx

  It could be a spurious signal which is generated by overload of your 
receiver ( their directional pattern may point right at you ). The 
receiver's IF should be nominally 455 kHz. Twice that would be 910 kHz. 
rather than 900 kHz., but it might be that your receiver's actual IF is 
450. Or, it could be an externally-produced mixing spur ( particularly 
if you have a local on 900 ) with only the one station's audio 

tbucknall - tbucknall@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Does anybody know a station on 1152 that signs off at 2130utc? any 
help appreciated

***Andree Bollin - bollin@xxxxxxxxxxxx

  1/7.  this morning I pick up an unid on 1600 at 7.10utc playing 
M.Anthony, Mc Cartney  and other soft pops, No ID heard. Any ideas?

*Pete Taylor - Tacoma WA - taytac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1490  "KLVN River Falls."  This popped in about 3 seconds after a "KDBM 
       Dillon" ID 1/6 0400.  I do not think they are related.  The 
       channel is so mushy that I could not discern the programming and 
       could not tell if it was the same announcer on both IDs.  KDBM 
       says it is not knowingly relayed anywhere and knows nothing about 
       a community named River Falls (KDBM is 24h ABC country).  The 
       KLVN calls are assigned to a K-Love station on 88.3 in 
       Livingston, CA which is fed from Merced.  They don't know 
       anything about a "River Falls" either.  There are "River Falls" 
       in two states - Alabama and Wisconsin, not exactly prime 
       candidates for graveyarders with K calls (the one in Wisconsin 
       has two FM stations). And so far, I have not found any listing 
       for a station in any "Falls" on 1490.  Any thoughts?
1490  "KOHI," 1/6 2200.  It's true that KOHI is on 1600 in St. Helens, 
       OR so my first thought was that KLOG-1490 Kelso, WA and KOHI 
       might be in to a regional programming situation and be giving 
       dual IDs.  Not the case, according to KLOG.  And while 1-mile-
       away KKMO-1360 does create problems, this is not a case whereby 
       it has caused a 1600 station to bounce down to 1490 (KOHI has 
       never been heard here at night).

Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

1570  UNID  ID at 0359.55 EST 1/9 above jumble briefly with TOH ID, 
       ".......Jacksonville" The only Jacksonville I can find with a 
       station on 1570, is WGSR, as I heard last Spring. Does this 
       station also include Jacksonville in their ID? (PM-OR)
1600  UNID  ID at 0415 EST 1/9, apparent Spts Talk radio with ID that 
       sounded like "WPEN" WPEN is listened as a NOS station on 950. Any 
       ideas on this one?  (PM-OR)

Drake R8, 1500' Eastern Beverage

**Paul Smith, W4KNX - sunray2@xxxxxxx

1570.  This is probably what you heard.  They have been on high power 
lateley at night. I listened to them last nite like they were a local, 
and I'm over 220 miles from them.

**Ronald Gitschier - 1570wyhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  We do use "Jacksonville [FL] in our ID. To be exact, "It's the Music 
of Your Life, on The New Star 1570, WGSR, Fernandina Beach, St. Marys 
[GA], Brunswick [GA], JACKSONVILLE."
  A call to my boss is in order over the power. The Sine device needs to 
be reset or reprogrammed. We also had a case where someone connected 
with the station upping the power while the contract engineer and 
Manager was in the tx room one night. We're on that case...

**Claude Squire - c.squire@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  I heard 2 stations on 1530 . But I can't find where they came from . 
One IDed as Voice of America , the other did not ID that I could hear, 
but had a program " Postcard from Rome"  on . They were both on at the 
same time 1515 Eastern time last night Dec. 9.
  Does anyone have any Idea where they came from?
  I've only been MW DXing for a couple of months and have logged 114 (12 
trans-atlantic) stations with a little Realistic DX-375 and a homemade 

**neil kazaross - neilkaz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  One would expect VOA Sao Tome and R.Vatican if you are DXing from the 
Candian Maritimes..where exacty in Canada do you live ?

**Bruce Conti - BACONTI@xxxxxxx

  R.Vaticana is indeed listed at 1530 in the EMWG.  Sao Tome is not 
listed because they are not in Europe or the Mediterranean.  The EMWG 
only covers Europe, north Africa, and the Middle East.



Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

 580  KANA  MT. Anaconda, rec. verie letter in 9d, No V/S, just verie 
       statement that I heard KANA on station letterheard. Address: 105 
       Main Street, PO Box 580, Anaconda  MT  59711. (PM-OR)
 790  KOOR  CA, Clovis, rec. verie statement written at the bottom of my 
       letter, "Verified" and signed : Rych Withers-Eng. Rec. in 28d. 
       Address: 1071 W Shaw Ave, Fresno  CA 93711 (PM-OR)
1450  CANADA, B.C. Summerland, rec. QSL letter in 16d from V/S : Allan 
       Gee-Morning Announcer. Address: P.O. Box 170, 1315 Rosedale Ave, 
       Summerland  BC  V0H 1Z0 . BC QSL #113. (PM-OR)
1650  KWHN  AR, Fort Smith, rec verie letter in 36d. V/S: Garry Elmore. 
       Address: 423 Garrison Avenue, Fort Smith AR  72901. (PM-OR)
1690  WPTX  MD. Lexington Park, rec ppc back in 37d. V/S: Unreadable. 
       Address: P.O. Box 600, Lexington Park MD 20653. (PM-OR)
1690  WMDM  MD, Lexington Park, rec QSL letter in 230d, sent to WPTX. 
       Apparently according to the verie signer, Tomas "TC" Cuellar-
       Operations Manager, the station is still WMDM! He QSL'd by report 
       from 5/8/2000. A couple weeks ago when I logged them, they IDed 
       not as WPTX, but WMDM too. Address: PO Box 600, Lexington Park  
       MD  20653. (PM-OR)  I just phoned the station and the DJ on the 
       air said that a couple months ago the call letters were indeed 
       switched. WMDM is now the FM call and the AM is WPTX! That would 
       explain my ppc I got back from my reception recently. In May 2000 
       they were still WMDM on 1690. They are now WPTX on 1690!

Greg Myers - Clearwater FL - gregmyers1@xxxxxxxx

 600  WREV  TN Memphis, p/d ltr., business card, coverage map and 
       station info in 12 days. V/s Gary Condrey, CE.

  Received an e-mail from Brian Smith, QSL Manager, for CHWO (via ODXA) 
stating that my report was forwarded to him from CHWO and that QSL cards 
are being printed and should be out by the end of the month. Said mine 
was the furthest they have been heard ..... so far. I guess you can go 
ahead and get those reports out!



*Dennis Gibson - dcgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  I have read a number of complaints about the worsening accuracy of 
WRTH's content, with WRTH 2001 seeming to have hit a new low. I e-mailed 
them and forwarded some of these complaints (the authors were not 
identified) to them. It probably won't do any good, as this problem 
seems to have been getting worse for a number of years. It's a shame; 
WRTH used to be an excellent source of information. 

*Pat Martin - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

  I totally agree. I bought the WRTH every year since the late 70s but 
the last one I bought was for 1999, and it was bad. I don't see the 
sense in wasting $25 a year now for something that is so out of date. 
Even many who supported the WRTH for years, now are not interested. They 
work and none of the changes show up in the book. Hopefuly they will 
"wake up" before it is to late!



  LOS ANGELES, Jan. 5, 2001  Art Bell, the radio personality famous for 
his spontaneous and compelling conversations about all things 
unexplained, has announced his return to radio. Bell resumes his reign 
as host of the most listened to live overnight radio program, Coast to 
Coast AM on Feb. 5 from 1am to 6am ET.
  Bell states, "The negotiation was brutal and bloody! The result was 
fewer commercials and back to five hours."
  Bell resigned last April because of family and legal issues that 
required his full attention. These have been resolved. His passion for 
radio and his audience has propelled him back with a renewed commitment 
to the unique show he created in 1993. Coast to Coast AM airs on more 
than 430 stations nationwide.
  "I am ecstatic to welcome Art Bell back to his program," said Kraig T. 
Kitchin, president/COO of Premiere Radio Networks. "It was a bloody 
negotiation - pulling someone out of retirement always is. I am wildly 
enthusiastic to bring the news to affiliates and listeners nationwide 
Imagine their reaction! I also want to add my thanks to Mike Siegel."
  Premiere Radio Networks, Inc., a subsidiary of Clear Channel 
Communications (NYSE:CCU), syndicates more than 60 radio programs to 
more than 7,800 radio affiliations and reaches over 180 million 
listeners weekly. Premiere is the number one radio network in the 
country and features the following personalities: Rush Limbaugh, Dr. 
Laura Schlessinger, Jim Rome, Rick Dees, Casey Kasem, Dr. Dean Edell, 
Bob (Kevoian) & Tom (Griswold), Phil Hendrie, Leeza Gibbons, Michael 
Reagan, Dave Koz, Blair Garner, Lionel, and others. Premiere is based in 
Sherman Oaks, Calif., with eleven offices nationwide.

  Radio sensation Art Bell is planing to stage a dramatic return to the 
nation's airwaves, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned, reclaiming his 
overnight slot with an expected 400+ station lineup.
  With legal dramas behind him [Bell sued a broadcaster for libel in a 
case that ended in settlement] and personal family concerns on the mend 
[his son was sexually assaulted by a school teacher that was carrying 
HIV], Bell inked a deal last week to return to the waves, according to 
  "He's rested. He's ready," says a source close to Bell, who will once 
again broadcast to millions from his home in the Nevada desert.
  Bell is expected to continue his trailblazing reporting -- 2001-style 
-- on science, earth changes and assorted religious themes.
  Bell has drawn strong criticism for airing predictions of imminent 
massive earthquakes in South California and was at the forefront of the 
Y2K computer madness
  Bell continues his relationship with syndicator PREMIERE -- with 
several key affiliate switches in play as this transmits.
  Bell will jump stations in the nation's #2 market, Los Angeles 
[darting from KABC to KFI, which is owned by PREMIERE's mothership CLEAR 
CHANNEL]; and it was not clear if Bell will return to WABC in New York, 
the nation's top talk outlet.
  One top ABC source cautions Bell's return to WABC is up in the air.
  "He's quit twice, and come back three times. In two years?" the 
executive questioned late Thursday. "He could do a first hand 
testimonial on time travel."

*Richard Toebe - richtoebe@xxxxxxx

  The front page of the Jan. 2, 2001 Sacramento Bee has an article about 
KTNN in Window Rock, AZ.
  You can read it on the web at: 


  A new year, century and millennium has started, and also now the EMWG 
will continue to be updated.
  Starting 4 January 2001 a new edition is available for free on the 
EMWG website (http://go.to/emwg). 
  Changes in this edition:
  * no more yellow background (this should save the colour printer's ink 
of some users)
  * the UK RSL and LPAM stations have been fully updated
  * various question marks (esp. with power) have been solved
  * the PDF file is no longer zipped. Should you have a browser which 
supports PDF (i.e. Internet Explorer 5), then clicking on the file link 
will open the PDF file in the browser window. Should you want to save it 
on your hard drive, click your right mouse button and choose "save 
target as".
  * the file size has been reduced to a mere 604 kB while the EMWG now 
has 73 pages packed with information
  * other corrections...

  I would also like to thank the people who have sent some financial 
support.  This will help a lot to keep the EMWG updated in the future.
  As ususal, feedback and constructive criticism is most welcome.


  John R. Gambling, who left the WOR morning show last fall after three 
generations of his family had a 75-year run in that slot, will return to 
the radio next weekend - on WABC (770 AM).
  WABC program director Phil Boyce said yesterday Gambling will do a 
live Saturday show, 6-10 a.m., starting Jan. 13, and spot features for 
the Curtis Sliwa-Ron Kuby morning show.
  "It's not often you get a chance to bring in someone of John's stature 
and reputation," said Boyce. "He'll be doing the show everyone knows him 
for - commenting on the news, interviews, heavy on personalities."
  Gambling's WOR show was ranked in the city's top 10, but WOR told him 
in September it was not renewing his contract, citing a desire to 
attract younger listeners. (via N Y Daily News)

***Richard Jary - rjary@xxxxxxxxxx

  An update on what was posted a few days ago by Bob Padula...
  Callsigns changes appear to be a problem. To take one example 1071 3CV 
was reported to me a few months ago as having changed call to 3EL - this 
stands for Easy Listening Australia, a rather depressing networked 
program of oldies being heard on a large number of MW stations now.
  I sent a report and received a subsequent QSL without a call being 
indicated. Emails to the station engineer indicates he has been told by 
the Station Manager that the official call is "Radio 10-71" and there 
are no call letters, these now being used for the FM station. A request 
to the Australian Broadcasting Authority has generated the reply that 
stations have calls but are not obliged to use them, and there is no 
list publicly available on what they might be. Investigations continue.
  1215 TAB Nowra - this channel was originally allocated to a relay of 
2ST Nowra 999 and based at Bowral, about 150km SW of Sydney. 2ST is 
still broadcasting happily on 999, but the Bowral relay went to FM a 
number of years ago. A check from Bowral last week when I was in the 
area and also tonight from home shows this channel to be empty. It used 
to use about 150 watts from memory and was semi-local from my location 
about 200km north-east (audible every night). The channel would in 
theory be available for use in the same area by an aspirant broadcaster.
  I did also get a letter from 2KY recently which is now owned by the 
NSW TAB (horse racing agency) and this indicated they were setting up a 
number of "high power relays" around southern NSW. This could include MW 
as well as FM, my reply to them has yet to be answered. So maybe they 
will be setting up on 1215 and others? I doubt if they would run 1215 as 
Nowra, this should receive adequate coverage from the existing racing 
station on 1341 kHz at Wollongong.

***Andy Sennitt - andys@xxxxxxxxxx


  This new group was created out of frustration with 
rec.radio.shortwave, a group I gave up on a long time ago. Although 
created with the best of intentions, I can't help thinking that they are 
re-inventing the wheel. Most of the top DXers in the world who have 
access to Internet already subscribe to this one, and there's another 
excellent group for shortwave programming which some of us also belong 
to. Then there are the bulletins such as Cumbre DX, club-operated lists 
etc, not to mention Websites such as the one run by GH. I'm not sure 
that more is necessarily better. There's already a lot of cross-posting 
between groups...I feel sure that those frustrated with 
rec.radio.shortwave (and I can well understand why) would be better 
served joining one of the existing groups instead of starting a new one.

**Frederick R. Vobbe - fredv@xxxxxxxxxxx

  John R. Gambling, who left the WOR (New York) morning show last fall 
after three generations of his family had a 75- year run in that slot, 
will return to the radio next weekend - on WABC (770 AM). WABC program 
director Phil Boyce said yesterday Gambling will do a live Saturday 
show, 6-10 a.m., starting Jan. 13, and spot features for the Curtis 
Sliwa-Ron Kuby morning show. "It's not often you get a chance to bring 
in someone of John's stature and reputation," said Boyce. "He'll be 
doing the show everyone knows him for - commenting on the news, 
interviews, heavy on personalities." Gambling's WOR show was ranked in 
the city's top 10, but WOR told him in September it was not renewing his 
contract, citing a desire to attract younger listeners.
  (Via: Shoptalk, & David Hinckley - NY Daily News)

How to DX
  Just a reminder that there are some good articles on the NRC's 
Article's Page at http://www.nrcdxas.org/articles from various authors.  
"Your 1st 50 Counties And More" is a good one, as are many others.

  Long-time "Voice of the Mountaineers," Leo W. "Jack" Fleming Jr., of 
Mount Lebanon, PA and Morgantown, WV, died Wednesday, January 3, 2001, 
at home in Pittsburgh.  He was 77 years old. Fleming, a Morgantown 
native, was the ''Voice of the Mountaineers'' for 42 seasons, leaving in 
  In addition to calling West Virginia University football and 
basketball games, he was the radio voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers for 
28 years until 1993. He announced four Super Bowls, numerous college 
bowl games, the 1960 Rome Olympics, NCAA Final Fours and even some of 
Jerry West's high school state tournament games. Fleming's call of 
Franco Harris' 1972 ''Immaculate Reception'' in a Steelers-Raiders 
playoff game has been described by NFL Films as the most replayed in pro 
football history. He also did play-by-play for the NBA's Chicago Bulls 
in the early 1970s.
  He was a 1941 graduate of Morgantown High School and in 1999 was named 
the fourth recipient of the Chris Schenkel Award, which honors 
distinguished careers in college football broadcasting. He received the 
Order of Vandalia in 1995 for exceptional service to West Virginia 
University, one of the highest honors given. He was also the seven-time 
winner of the West Virginia sportscaster of the year award. He was with 
WAJR radio for 55 years.

Pat Martin - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

  In a phone call I found out that KEWS-620-Portland is currently 
operating from the new KEX, as reported, but they are ND 5/1 KW. They 
are trying to boost to 50/20 KW, but so far the FCC has dismissed their 
applications. That is the reason their signal is a lot weaker here at 
  In a side note, talking to the CE at Entercom, KFXX-910 is about 4 
months away from the boost to 10 KW. No word on 1550-KVAN power boost to 
50 KW. KVAN is co-owned with KPAM now.

****Thomas R. Sundstrom - trscons@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Sergei Sosedkin recently announced the untimely death of the well-
known Russian DXer Nikolai Pashkevich due to a car accident in Moscow on 
January 5. The corrected obituary is now posted on our Web site at 
http://www.trsc.com/musings.html and, thanks to Sergei, includes a 
colour photo of Nikolai taken at one of the meetings of Moscow DXers 
held on the premises of Krenkel Radio Club. We thank Sergei for his 
prompt response to our request for the photograph and the preparation of 
the material.

**Frederick R. Vobbe - fredv@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Gene Ashcraft, 62, a retired broadcasting executive, died Sunday 
evening, Jan. 7, 2001, at a local hospital. Funeral: 11 a.m. Thursday in 
the Chapel at Robertson Mueller Harper. Burial: Following committal 
services, Gene will be laid to rest in Greenwood Memorial Park.
  Larry Gene Ashcraft was born Jan. 21, 1938, the son of Lamond and 
Kenneth Flowers Ashcraft. He attended Ranger Junior College and was a 
physical education major at Texas Christian University. Prior to 
becoming general manager of the Texas State Networks, Gene held a four-
year job at KXOL and had jobs at small radio stations in Cleburne and 
  While news director at KFJZ Radio, he helped to revive the historical 
Texas State Networks, which offered news and sports programming to Texas 
radio stations. He also served as war correspondent to KFJZ during the 
Vietnam War. Gene and partners purchased and operated WNAD 640 AM (now 
WWLS) in Oklahoma City in 1972, becoming CEO of the station.
  Before retiring as president of Ashcraft Communications Inc., a 
station brokerage, appraising and consulting firm, he held the position 
of vice president and general manager of Texas State Networks, Dallas. 
He organized Dallas Cowboys Radio Network, which grew to a network of 
over 200 radio stations. Survivors: Wife of 29 years, Ann Brown Ashcraft 
of Fort Worth.


     Geomagnetic Summary January 2 2000 through January 8 2001
      phil bytheway - Seattle WA - phil@xxxxxxxxxxx
      Tabulated from email status daily

  1/ 2   176     2    3    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 5
     3   170    11    2    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 5
     4   175    11    1    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 5
     5   176     4    3    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 6
     6   179     5    2    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 5
     7   177     6    2    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 5
  1/ 8   167     8    2    low         quiet-unsettled     - 5

IRCA Mexican Log, 6th Edition
The IRCA MEXICAN LOG lists all AM stations in Mexico by frequency, 
including call letters, state, city, day/night power, slogans, schedule 
in UTC/GMT, formats, networks and notes. The call letter index gives 
call, frequency, city and state. The city index (listed by state, then 
city) includes frequency, call and day/night power. The log has been 
completely updated from the 1998 edition and carefully cross-checked by 
several IRCA members. This is an indispensable reference for anyone who 
hears Mexican radio stations. Size is 8 1/2" x 11" and three hole 
for easy binding.Prices: IRCA/NRC members - $8.00 (US/Canada/Mexico/sea 
mail), $9.00 (rest of the Americas airmail), $9.50 (Europe/Asia 
$10.00 (Australia/New Zealand airmail). Non-members: add $2.00 to the 
above prices.

Completely revised by IRCA's Bill Harms to 9/00, the IRCA "TIS/HAR 
LIST" includes AM/FM and TV lists from the US and Canada. This 28 page 
"DX Aid" can be yours for only $5.00. Non-IRCA/NRC members... add $1.00. 
Overseas... add $0.50.

IRCA Bookstore - 9705 Mary Ave NW - Seattle WA  98117-2334 (please make 
checks payable to Phil Bytheway)

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