[HCDX] Family R 6279.7/AIR 4770
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[HCDX] Family R 6279.7/AIR 4770

Family Radio in Chinese Jan 12th at 1455
on 6279.7 under heavy jamming. Jammer
signed off around 1500 leaving freq free
for FR. Not in parallel with 6300 neither
with 1557. Strong signal. At 1600 into
English program, while 6300 had some
sentences of their Russian program before
sign-off. The EE program on 6279.7 was not
in parallel with the one starting at 1600
on 1557 AM. Another Taiwan outlet on SW?
Has anyone identified the All India Radio on
4770? Heard here Jan 12th at 1520 with
strong carrier but weak audio. I think they
signed off at 1630. No luck with ID due to
poor audio level.

Jari Savolainen
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