[HCDX] Fw: 3346kHz Radio Stoliza /6570 Myanmar/ DamasKus QSL
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[HCDX] Fw: 3346kHz Radio Stoliza /6570 Myanmar/ DamasKus QSL

Hi, as my original message to hard-core-dx was rejected by system, I try your email you directly. I am trying to locate the errors
I did, but cannot really understand this mailing system,  yet... Not very used to these things, should need a lesson.
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Sent: Saturday, January 13, 2001 1:45 PM
Subject: 3346kHz Radio Stoliza /6570 Myanmar/ DamasKus QSL

Very strong signal on 3346USB, seems to be a  feeder to Radio Stoliza-FM - spelling uncertain. I remember to have 
read about a station with a name like this. But inactivity has erased memory. Either Ukraine, Belarus or Russia.
Pop format, well organized. Heard at 2015UTC Jan 12. Proper name, location, anybody ?
Another logging from Trollhattan, near the west coast of Sweden
6570 at 1345-1455 UTC 12 Jan,2001. Certainly the station in Myanmar listed, though programming surprised for some time.
At 1430-45 evangelist songs for and by children, sounded as if TWR had bought time! Otherwise talk in Banar ?, temple-gongs etc, and one marching song with soldiers happily singing. SINPO 23322 but good audio on USB.
QSL : Have had difficulties with R Damascus, finally reported them in German, to the German FS dept, P.O.Box 4702, Damascus.
Reg. letter with QSL-card, schedule, seasons greetings, postcard arrived just after New Year. By the way Damascus is Damaskus in German ... (On 12085  at 1815 UTC) 
73's  JB
Johan Berglund
Vabacksvagen 10
S-461 91 Trollhattan
 ph +46 520 96137
using AOR AR7030, momentarily only one 40 m longwire, nondirectional