[HCDX] Domestic DX digest
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[HCDX] Domestic DX digest

(MKB-ON)  Mike Brooker, Toronto, ON

Receivers: Panasonics RF-2200, RFB-45

Times: EST (UTC-5)

1570 WNST MD Towson  - 01/09, 0753 – fair in almost graveyard-like mush with
ad for Verizon, “WNST 1570 sports” ID, into talk about the Ravens’ chances
vs. the Raiders in AFC championship game.  QSLed as WTOW in 1979.  (MKB-ON)

1570 WPGM PA Danville – 01/09, 0758 –  fighting WNST, promo for web site
www.wpgm.org  (MKB-ON)

1620 KAZP NE Bellevue – 01/11, 1930 – presumed in WHLY null, with ESPN
sports talk, run-down of tonight’s schedule of NHL and NBA games.  (MKB-ON)

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