[HCDX] MW dx tonight
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[HCDX] MW dx tonight

Hi all,
mw dx night february 6 here in Sicily.

Here some logs:

1010      6/2,0118-0124 WINS (New York) 32333
YM + YL in EE - ID - tlk and background mx

1030      6/2,0124-0140 Radio del Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 42333
YM Adv: "Segretaria de la Presidencia de la Republica... Buenos Aires..." -
YL: "la comission agricula..." - short mx  - YL read  "correo postal y web
...punto com" - nx:  "un problema politico... " - mx
(tango) -  YL say: "  son la 9 y 38 minudos de la noche..." -
"Olivia Newton John..."

1100      6/2,0150-0204 Radio Globo (São Paulo, Brasile) 32322
YM in PP - ID - tlk: "o Brasil..."

Tne there was also many brasilian stations on 1040, 1200, 1220, 1370 and
Venezuela with Radio Vibracion on 1470 and Puerto Cabello 1290.

73's and good dx!

Salvo Micciché
Scicli, Sicily

Kenwood R-5000, Ant. 60 mt longwire and loop "F. Golzio" for MW

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