[HCDX] ADMIN: let's go back to business
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[HCDX] ADMIN: let's go back to business

Hi all,

Lately this list has been flooded with various topics that are rather questionable
material on Hard-Core-DX email list. One of those is debate over EDXC which IMHO
could go to other lists. Also, some other material passed to the list have had 
little or nothing to do with the agenda of the list.

Please be more careful with what you're sending here, think twice before pressing
"the send button" and rethink if you really want to send it to 600+ HCDX members.

This list's secret has always been the high quality material without too much noise.
And lately there have been too much noise. I'll be tightning moderation and
taking better control over the material again. Please keep the good material
coming... it is always welcome and I'll be happy to pass those to the list.


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