Re: [HCDX] 225 khz LW
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Re: [HCDX] 225 khz LW

At what time did you hear it? Poland is the best bet and they are on 24
hours a day, but there is also R Rossii via Surgut, Siberia with 1 000 kW.
It is scheduled 0000-2000.

73, Mauno

> Greetings from Canada,
>    Another interesting night of LW reception last night.  For the first
> time, I heard a station on 225 khz, playing several songs by Shania Twain
> during a music program hosted by a man.  I could tell when he spoke that
> the language wasn't English or French, but the signal was too weak for me
> to determine more than that.
>     My list shows Poland as the most likely station.  Can anyone from
> Europe tell me if that type of program would be typical for Poland, or
> suggest any other ideas?  Also heard last night, Iceland on 189 (very
> common) and 207 (rare), the UK on 198, France on 162, and Germany on 177.
> Thanks.
> Nigel Pimblett
> Medicine Hat, Alberta
> Kenwood R-5000, 300 metre beverage

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