[HCDX] some logs from Spain
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[HCDX] some logs from Spain


due to the relatively good conditions of the last few days, I dedicated more
time than usual to DXing. These are some logs from the last three days:

ANDAMAN & NICOBAR ISL: 4760 AIR Port Blair (pres.) 1715-1730 in Vn with
Indian music and announcements. Signal at 1730 too weak for a clear ID. (Feb
11 Gehrig)

PERU: 9720.4  Radio Victoria 2310-2315, two men talking in Spanish. Terrible
signal with heavy QRM, "best" in LSB (Feb 11 Gehrig)

PERU: 5678 R. Ilucán 0007-0015, comunicados in Spanish, 24232 (Feb 12

JAPAN: 3925 NSB Tokyo (R. Tampa) 2045-2145, in Japanese with classical piano
music (piano concert by Mozart), fair to good signal (Feb 13 Gehrig)

INDONESIA: 4925 RRI Jambi, 2230-2300, in Bahasa Indonesia with local pop
songs, excellent (S9+10dB), (Feb 13 Gehrig)

VANUATU: 4960 R. Vanuatu 0659-0725, in Bislama, English and French. Program
consisting of southsea music, news bulletins in English and French, ID,
yellow bird IS. Very good signal today (S8-9) (Feb 14 Gehrig)

NEW ZEALAND: 3935 Radio Reading Service Levin (pres.), 0725-0735 with
English program. Very poor signal. Surprisingly, Laser Hot Hits was not
heard today on this frequency, even though it came in with a real powerhouse
signal on 6219. (Feb 14 Gehrig)

Vy 73,
Enzio Gehrig
Dénia/Spain (38.50N 00.04E)

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