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Re: [HCDX] 5562 kHz


> 5562.0 kHz 15 feb 2100 Unid, and the id keeps evading my braincells,
> or what's left of them.. The noise level is just a little to high.
> It's in Vernacular with one or two French-sounding words now and then.
> I have a few speculations regarding the country or countries. But the
> names of most capitals or countries in former French or Belgian
> colonies in Africa have been heard in their news, in conversations, in
> soccer game reports, etc. So I take nothing for sure. Does anyone know
> in what language they say "Marhaba" for Hi, hello, good-evening or any
> greeting ? Yesterday, in a phone px, after a soccer match, it was
> "Alló, marhaba" from the studio, then the caller said "Marhaba" and
> went on with his or her business. There were more than a dozen of such
> short calls, so that word really sticks to my mind.

Is used both in Arabic and Turkish. I think, that there was a harmonic
of a turkish MW-station reported here, 6th harmonic of 927 kHz.


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