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Re: [HCDX] 5562 kHz

>any greeting ?   Yesterday, in  a phone px, after a soccer match,  it was
>"Alló, marhaba" from the studio, then the caller said  "Marhaba" and went on
>with his or her business. There were  more than a dozen of such short calls,
>so that word really sticks to my mind.

Searching for the word "Marhaba" on Google, I find, among others, the
following text:

"MARHABA SERVICES is part of the wide range of services provided by Dnata
at Dubai. "Marhaba", "welcome" in Arabic truly reflects the warmth and
hospitality of the Arab culture.  The Marhaba staff, easily identified in
their bright yellow jackets, have all undergone rigorous training to meet
our service standards."

(From the URL <>.)

So it means "welcome" in Arabic.

As for the station, Glenn Hauser's DXLD reprints a report from the
harmonics mailing list:

** TURKEY. TRT Izmir was unbelievably strong last night (10/11/00) on
5562 (6 x 927) at 2040 ut wailing mx and pips at 2100 then nx, not
in//with 9445 or 9460 or 9450 khz. I would be very interested to hear
if 5562 khz has made it across the Atlantic. 73's (tim bucknall, uk,
harmonics@xxxxxxxxxxx via DXLD)

(From the URL <>.)

I don't find the word "Marhaba" in any of the Turkish-English dictionaries
online that I found, but that doesn't mean it hasn't possibly worked its
way into local slang.  If it's not TRT Izmir, it's worth checking to see if
it might be another sixth harmonic.
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