Re: [HCDX] Good MW condx and UNID SS 1540 kHz
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Re: [HCDX] Good MW condx and UNID SS 1540 kHz

Hi Karel,

> for the second day in a row there were great transatlantic condx this
> morning (Sunday 18 FEB 2001, from 0555 tune in until 0630 fade out).
> In the X-band New Jersey and Florida stations were dominating contrary to
> Saturday when stations from Georgia and Virginia were the strongest ones.

I had the impression, that Florida was weaker than the days before, that
condx were better on the more northern paths. An exception was WEUV
1700, they had a great ID as WEUP at 0617 UTC, "booming in like a local"
as Finn would say.

> UNID 1540 kHz:
> A Spanish speaking station at 0615 UTC with LA-pop, a woman in studio and
> phone-ins.
> Twice heard: "Nacional"  and  "...escucha...Radio Nacional..."
> A tape recording available but without these words (end of cassette - it
> happens when there is something important, sorry)  :-)

Murphy's Law... I had WDCD fifteen minutes earlier, but phoned this
morning with Joachim Stiller. He was listening too, and he said, that he
had a spanish speaking station on 1540 too. Perhaps CHIN has Spanish at
that time? But the Radio Nacional ID speaks against this assumption.

> Anybody listening at that time?

Yes, me. :-) Indeed a very good morning, even the lower MW was good,
heard CJFX 580 loud at 0604. WTIC 1080 was dominating over the
co-channel Spaniards. 1160 KSL came through at 0610, but very heavy QRM
through Tay and others on 1161. 1500 WTOP and 1560 WQEW in armchair
listening quality. Alas, I couldn't hear anything under WTOP, neither
WLQV nor KSTP. The X-Band had the usual suspects, all with good signals.


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