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RE: [HCDX] Voice Of Justice-15445khz

Further to this report, the following item is from yesterday's Bankok Post.
One is minded to point out that there are also some relay stations of
international broadcasters in Thailand, a point which doesn't come across in
the article. AS

Andy Sennitt

Although I work for Radio Netherlands, I am participating here on an
individual basis. Opinions expressed are my own, and do not necessarily
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Thailand will never allow anyone to set up a radio station for the sole
purpose of undermining another country or interfering in Thailand's internal
affairs, the Foreign Ministry said yesterday.

Pradap Pibulsonggram, the ministry spokesman, was commenting on reports that
Sam Rainsy, the Cambodian opposition leader, was planning to launch
shortwave broadcasts into Cambodia from a radio station "located in a
democratic country not very far from Cambodia".

The Sam Rainsy Party has been denied free access to airwaves inside Cambodia
where loyalists of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen control radio and
television stations, and the country's first local level elections are
tentatively scheduled for early next year.

Mr Pradap did not confirm or deny that the Cambodian party's radio station
was being set up in Thailand.

But he said there was a committee that took charge of the setting up of a
radio station, and a clear procedure for doing so, and if this was followed,
there should be no problem.

"The requirement only restricts them from refraining from the use of
Thailand as a base for undermining another country or interfering in Thai
affairs," Mr Pradap said.

Cambodia's Secretary of State for Information Khieu Kanharith told AFP on
Thursday that the opposition was welcome to broadcast programmes from
abroad, but warned that fellow Association of Southeast Asian Nations
members should not allow it.

"If Rainsy forms his own radio station it is really up to him. It means
nothing to the government. It's just that the airwaves are quite full here
already," he said.

"If he uses another country it's up to him. But in principle for those
countries in Asean, they are not allowed to host such things that attack the
government of others."According to AP, the Sam Rainsy Party planned to
conduct a test run of the "Voice of Justice" today. The test would coincide
with a party congress in the northwestern Cambodian town of Siem Reap.

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