[HCDX] Radio Costena heard
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[HCDX] Radio Costena heard

Tonight I was scanning the 60 meter band and came across an interesting station.
4930 430 2/18/01 Radio Costena Honduras 444 R390\21 ft vertical Hearing a lot of Spanish language music. ID at 0455 followed by signoff.
According to the dataabase I use this ,is supposed to be a 1000 watt station,which isn't near as rare as those 250 watt Peruvians ,but here will work for me.
Also at 0524 ,I am hearing what appears to be Radio Anhanguera on 4915 khz with a nice signal of 20 on the carrier meter of the R390 using the 21 ft vertical.
My good reception may be due to replacing what appeared to me a dimly lit tube in the RF stage of the R390. A 6C4 didn't look near as well lit up as the other one, so I found a different ,and walla this is the result.
I will be moving soon, so I will be be looking into stealth antennas next . Hopefully I will find one that works. No more 140 ft longwire or vertical in the trees so far as I know ....

Using a Drake R-4A,Motorola- manufactured R-390,Realistic DX380,Realistic DX160,140 ft longwire,60 ft v-shape dipole, and 21 ft vertical to listen to the world.
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