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I was tuning around and found KXOL with an OC. No sign of PR, though,
but several others heard.

1660     WMIB     FL, Marco fair u/o KQWB with ABC NOS Format, ID at
0259.55 EST 2/19, just heard "WMIB" in 
ID, mostly u/KQWB at that time. (PM-OR)

1660    WQSN    MI, Kalamazoo, Good on top briefly at 0245 EST 2/19,
with ESPN Sports, ID "WQSN". (PM-OR)

1660    KQWB   ND, West Fargo, good and generally on top most of the
time with WW1 NOS format, Star 1660 IDs, and call ID at 0259.50 EST 2/19
"KWQB West Fargo" Into CNN News. (PM-OR)

1660    UNID   Briefly a station with 1ON1 Sports mixing in jumble at
0255 EST 2/19. Maybe Texas, although they are listed as ESPN. (PM-OR)

No sign of NJ either. They may be directional now, as they had a CP for
9 KW  Directional nights.

Drake R8
1500' Eastern Beverage

Patrick Martin
Seaside OR

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