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Despite rather low solar flux, I was able to receive some decent DX this weekend:

SRI LANKA 7115 VOA Communications World in progress from tune-in at 0137 on a UTC Sat with Kim Andrew Ellliot's unmistakeable voice. Listed as Iranawila. Fair to good reception. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 17 February).

NORTH AMERICAN PIRATE 6948 USB Take it easy Radio, with a Vietnam vet program. Time check for 1:41 UTC. PO Box 1, Belfast, NY 14711 for QSLs. Off at 0142 with fair to good reception. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 17 February).

UZBEKISTAN Radio Tashkent. 7215 My favourite for this weekend's DX session. Heard regularly each day this weekend with reception often at good levels. Starting with English at 0100. Signal peaks here usually about 0130 to 0200. Parallel 5955 not as strong, and suffers more splatter. Radio Vatandosh ID in Uzbek at 0257, heard past 0310. Listed sign-off of 0330. Tonight the English broadcast had the usual sign-off music at 0128. Suffered from static crashes I hadn't noticed the last 2 nights. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 17-19 February).

NICARAGUA 5770USB Presumed Radio Miskud on late with just threshold audio. Mostly music. On at 01:49 tonight. Usually sign off at 00:00, but occasionally can be heard much later. Haven't heard them since before Christmas. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 17 February).

EGYPT 9475 What a waste of a transmitter. In what is supposed to be English at 0216. Music is in the clear, but not the voice at all. Awful modulation, as is the norm for this North American broadcast. I guess they don't care whether we in the Americas hear them or not. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 17 February).

RUSSIA 9450 Reported recently to be coming from the Kalinigrad region of European Russia. Heard with time pips and weak Russian audio at 0300. This is the supposed sign-on time. The next day, however, I could clearly here audio in the half-hour preceding. Can anyone closer verify this, or are there other Radio Rossii transmitters on at the same time from elsewhere? (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 17-18 February).

NORTHERN MARIANAS (TINIAN) 21.784.95 Radio Australia in Indonesian at 0419. Many mentions of Australia. I think I have the tx location correct, but there have been many changes. This one is quite regular here on the west coast of North America. Signals often quite good. Unusual audio. A bit muddy. Sounds very much like the typical RRI transmitters. Those in the know should understand what I mean. The audio processing just sounds a bit strange to me. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 17 February).

CANADA 6070 CFRX Toronto, heard at 0452 often equal strength to cochannel Christian Voice. Interestingly, only obvious when using LSB. CFRB ID at 0453. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 17 February).

TAIWAN (non) I was looking for the so-called Radio Vancouver International program supposedly relayed via Taipei. Nothing but Deutsche Welle weakly heard in German at 0500. Checked several times since, and nothing. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 17 February).

UKRAINE 9385 At 04:03 was expecting to hear English, but someone was asleep at the controls. Instead, heard German programming from Radio Ukraine International. The following night they were back with English. Again, the signal can be good at times, with parallel 9610 fair to good at best. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 18 February).

ICELAND 13860 USB Rikisutvarpid signing on at 1833 with what has to be the most phone-like audio heard anywhere on shortwave. Schedule in Icelandic, with many mentions of "KHz", then into presumed news. Fair to good. Listed to North America at this time. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 17 February).

MEXICO 6134.96 Strong signal from Radio Educacion at 0234 with an English program by a heavilly accented YL, about 15th century Mexican history. The off frequency is always a dead giveaway, as they never seem to drift up or down from this frequency. Good to very good. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 18 February).

OMAN 15355 Radio Sultanate of Oman. I was surprised to hear them in English at 0318, as the solar flux has not been very high. Still they were in the clear with fair to good strength. English international news. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 18 February).

DIEGO GARCIA 12579 USB Another delight to hear AFN at 0320. Quite unusual. I've heard them here in the fall, but towards our dawn, not late at night. Signal was well over the usual cochannel ute, and parallel to 12689.5 Key West, Fl. Still only poor. The other AFN stations heard with other programming were: 10320 Pearl Harbour, parallel to 6458.5 Puerto Rico. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 18 February).

CANADA 6160 CKZU Terry Palmershein from WA as asked about the audio of our local CBC SW outlet. Last night they seemed to be back with a very strong clean signal at 0328. No sign of CKZN unlike the last month or so, where it has dominated right through the night until past 1000. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 18 February).

SWAZILAND 6035 Trans World Radio Swaziland with English ID into German programming at 0359. Apparently a Sunday only broadcast. Good level. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 18 February).

GERMANY 7265.06 Sudwest Rudfunk. Nice signal with German news at 0700. Only 20 Kw I believe.(Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 18 February).

ISRAEL 17544.97 IBA in English signing off at 1729, into Hebrew briefly, but off in mid-sentence at 1731. Very good signal. Parallel 11605 good. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 18 February).

LIBYA 17725 Voice of Africa at 1733 from Arabic into English. Strong signal, but with some flutter and echo making it difficult to copy. Wasn't even sure it was English initially. Situation was greatly improved by using John Bryant's audio box, with audio from my Collins R390A with SE-3 feeding the right channel, and my HF-2050 feeding the left. Stereo effect greatly improves intelligibility of signal. Into French at 1739. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 18 February).

That's it for tonight, folks!  Good DX everyone...........Walt.
Walter R. Salmaniw, MD             email:  salmaniw@xxxxxxxx
Victoria, British Columbia    DXING FROM CANADA'S WEST COAST, using
CANADA                        premier radio receivers:

Rockwell/Collins HF-2050
(250) 592-1033 Collins R390A,ITT Mackay 3031A,
Racal RA8772 and 6772, JRC NRD 535D,
AOR 7030+, and Kenwood R5000.

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