[HCDX] Loggings from Victoria, BC
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[HCDX] Loggings from Victoria, BC

Been rather busy of late, and on top of that have a new computer to figure out. Nonetheless, here are a few loggings from last weekend:

PARAGUAY 9737.50 Radio Nacional at 01:50 on 8 April. Use LSB to avoid het on upper side. Usual Spanish programming. Good reception, with their normal slightly muffled audio. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC).

ALBANIA 7160.00 Radio Tirana in English at 0155 on 8 April. Frequency is spot on now, unlike in the past. Loud het from something on 7160.75, so very good as long as using LSB. Parallel 6115 very weak, but seemingly on frequency as well. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC).

HUNGARY 9570 Radio Budapest in English at 0242 8 April, while looking for Radio Romania International (on at that time on 11.940). DX World at this time (UTC Sunday), followed at 0247 by DX news, then DX catches at 0252. Mostly over cochannel CRI in Chinese, but the latter will fade up to equal Budapest at times. Overall good reception. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC)

RUSSIA 11840 USB Radio Sakhalin at 0258 8 April with local weather for Sakhalin, then local ad and phone number. Local ID at 0259 and local programming until 0310 when switched to Radio Rossii programming. Only fair today, instead of usual good to excellent reception. Nice to have HCJB gone from this frequency. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC).

TURKEY 11655.02 Voice of Turkey at 0316 8 April with English program about Instanbul. Mild flutter. Otherwise good reception. (Salmaniw, 8 April).

UKRAINE 13590 Radio Ukraine International at 0320 8 April is here in English, despite listed Ukrainian. Fortunate, as this is the only usually half-decent signal from Ukraine that I can hear. DX program at this time. I believe it was usually at BOH in past. Only poor to fair this evening, especially with the "space zapper" pulser ruining the band. Clearly not the ocean wave radar off Honduras, which was apparently turned off. Do others hear it as loud as I do? Pulses at 2 cps. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC)

USA 4278.5 AFRTS Key West, Fl. At 0327 8 April, parallel to very much stronger 12689.5 both in USB. The 4 MHz channel is very weak. Haven't heard it reported for some time now, and maybe an unusual choice for A01. Don't think I heard them during the more expected B00. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC).

ECUADOR 21.454.89 HCJB on this off frequency at 0339 8 April with usual English religous programming. Quite strong, so presume still running the 40 Kw tx instead of the 1 Kw unit. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC).

GUATEMALA (etc) 5955 This is a very interesting frequency, and very difficult for me with much splatter and heavy usage. Listened from 0350 to past 0520 on 8 April with the following results. My R-390A with SE-3 outperformed my beloved HF-2050, by the way! At 0350, could hear English religous programming, presumably Radio Cultural. At 0400, Channel Africa dominates with an English half-hour, improving towards 0430 to fair, from initial poor reception. After 04:30, Radio Cultural, again, I think, dominates with religous programming. Heard a 1-800 number at 0439, followed by religous choral music, all at weak audio levels, and into Spanish, from what I could hear. All wiped out by Radio Netherlands at 0457 with a massive signal, but still audible underneath. A very challenging frequency. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC).

DIEGO GARCIA 12579 USB AFRTS heard weakly from tune-in at 0226 8 April. When rechecked at 1509 they were heard at least equal to the ever present cochannel ute. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC).

MONGOLIA (tent) 12085 presumed Voice of Mongolia at 1502 8 April with weak audio, but I recognize the YL voice as that of the sole presenter of the English program. Unfortunately this frequency was also spoiled by the same "space zapper", 2 cps intruder with occupies 11998 to 12106 KHz, as well as wide swaths of spectrum elsewhere (see Ukraine above). Wish he would go away. Still not clear what he is or is doing.........(Salmaniw, Victoria, BC).

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