[HCDX] New Shortwave Guides
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[HCDX] New Shortwave Guides

Dear Hard-Core-DX member,

I am pleased to advise of the forthcoming release of two hard-copy
publications from the Electronic DX Press (Australia) during April, 2001,
and orders are now being accepted.

This new edition covers the new international shortwave radio transmission
period commencing on March 25, and concluding on 28 October (known as the
A-01 period)

The Guide has been published twice annually for many years, and is regarded
as the most detailed and accurate listing available. It's 36 pages, A5
format, and saddle-stitched. It is available ONLY as a hard-copy

It provides comprehensive information of English shortwave transmissions
beamed to Australia and the Pacific, and for broadcasts in all languages
intended for Australia, with some 1500 entries.

The data is arranged in two sections: by studio country and starting time.
Each entry shows broadcasting organisation, frequency, starting time,
finishing time, language, target area, transmitter site, transmitter
country, studio country, days of operation.

The ASWG is compiled from an extensive worldwide network of broadcasters,
frequency planners, engineering consultants, professional monitors, and
members of the Electronic DX Press (EDXP). Information is also included
derived from the author's professional contacts, personal research and

There are many world radio listeners who do not have E-mail or Internet
access,  either by choice or circumstance.

To enable these folk the opportunity of keeping abreast of developments in
international radio, the AUSTRALASIAN SHORTWAVE DIGEST brings together in
hard-copy format the best articles and stories which have been distributed
electronically to members of the Electronic DX Press in recent weeks.

The Digest was originally a monthly hard-copy subscription publication
during 1999, but was suspended in 2000 due to my absences overseas; it is
now available again in a modified format, and is now planned for release
once every three months.

In handy A5 format, at least 28 pages, the Digest includes the following
essays: Broadcasting in Vietnam, Radio Free Asia, HF Broadcasting in the
21st Century,  The IBB Transmitting Station in Pals (Spain), Audience
Research for HF Broadcasting, HF Digital Radio Transmission, Tuning in to
"SW" Stations on the Internet, Solar Activity for 2001, Expedition to
Northern Queensland, Digital Radio Mondiale, the Spanish DXing Hobby,
Indonesian Shortwave Station Addresses (very comprehensive), Radio
Monitoring in Vietnam and Malaysia, Internet and DXing, New and Expanded
Frequency Allocations for HF Broadcasting, International Frequency
Management, the History of the EDXP,  the HF Coordination Conference. That's
a sample - there are many more!

Condensed versions of several of the articles have been, or will be
published in commercial magazines during 2001; many have been written by
members or associates of the Electronic DX Press.

** The Guide and Digest are available for A$10 EACH, which includes postage
to any address in Australia.

(The Guide is also available from Burnet Pollard Books, PO Box 6343, Upper
Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand. Please call to confirm availability
and price - tel:  3 3544997 between 2000 and 0400 UTC, FAX  3 3544998

* Airmail to addresses outside of Australia: US$10 - international money
order (or bank draft) payable at an Australian bank to yield A$20, cash (any
currency to yield A$20), 14 IRCs.

Orders should be sent to Bob Padula, 404 Mont Albert Rd, Surrey Hills,
Victoria 3127. Payment may be by cash, or by cheque/postal order, for credit
of Bob Padula.

These publications are non-commercial, with the cost intended to assist with
basic expenses in editorial research, telecommunication charges, printing,
packing and mailing. I compile the information for my own interest and
enjoyment and I am pleased  to share  this work with anyone who is
interested. Please feel free to forward this message to your colleagues,
Club members, listeners, or readers.

Thank you and best regards!

Bob Padula, Melbourne, Australia

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