[HCDX] New Internet bulletin
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[HCDX] New Internet bulletin

Hi all,

I've started publishing a new weekly DX bulletin, called Signal. You may
read it at:

Planned contents: radio catches, schedules, QSL news, radio-related Internet
topics (stations, clubs, e-mail reporting).

Signal exists in two versions: Russian and English. Russian version is
larger in volume, because I add translated items from some international DX
publications and mail lists there. I think it's no sense to include such
items into the English version.

English version contains only original loggings, sent to me by DXers.

The first issue uses only my info, because my conviction is: first to make a
bulletin, then to announce it to the public. Hope you join me in Signal
soon. Send you info, comments and suggestions to:

You may freely reproduce items from Signal, mentioning it as info source.

Dmitri Mezin,
Kazan, Russia

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