[HCDX] Domestic DX digest
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[HCDX] Domestic DX digest

Mike Brooker, Toronto, ON

Receivers: Panasonics RF-2200, RFB-45
Times: EST (UTC-5)

850 WEEI MA Boston – 03/16, 1849 – presumed with sports talk and promo for
Jim Rome on “Sports Radio 850” in fight with Cleveland and Johnstown, PA
pests.  (MKB-ON)

1080 KRLD TX Dallas – 03/18, 0205 – fair and reasonably steady during WTIC
silent period with end of CBS news, “KRLD Metroplex traffic and weather
together”, promo for krld.com web site.  K.O.ed when WTIC returned at 0230.

1080 unid _________  03/18, 0145 – poor-nil with both WTIC and KRLD off, SS
talk, Latino ballads or soft C&W (“ranchera”?) music.  (MKB-ON)

1260 WWJQ MI Zeeland – 03/16, 0800 – top of hour ID: “Western Michigan’s
alternative talk radio, 1260 WWJQ AM, Zeeland-Grand Rapids”, into SRN news.

1410 WELM NY Elmira – 03/16, 1800 – over CKSL with talk on NCAA tourney,
into top of hour ID: “Imus in the morning, One on One Sports all day, WELM
Elmira-Corning”. (MKB-ON)

1420 WACK NY Newark – 03/16, 1811 – over CHKT slop with ad for City Mattress
in Canandaigua, “Stormwatch” detailed local weather for Finger Lakes, public
service reminder about new student registration at Finger Lakes Catholic
schools.  (MKB-ON)

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