[HCDX] 1080 WTIC/KRLD test/silent period
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[HCDX] 1080 WTIC/KRLD test/silent period

Greetings all!

I tried here to null out CKSA but Murphy said locals will be strong
tonight!!!  There was something under CSKA at 1:00 EST but could not ID
them.. One thing for sure, and I am not sure if it was propagation or they
actually came back on but at 0730 UTC (2:30EST) KRLD was in strong as
usual, not noted at 0600 UTC.  Anyway no new one here and CT remains a
dream for us out west.

Using a Racal RA17C with the box loop.


Mickey Delmage
#86 Willow Lakes Estates
52308 Range Road 214
Sherwood Park, Alberta
CANADA      T8E 1H4

email: cidxqsl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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