[HCDX] 1080 WTIC/KRLD results
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[HCDX] 1080 WTIC/KRLD results

  My results on listening to the 1080 event 18 March:

pre 0600 UTC	KRLD and KOTK were jointly dominating the channel.

0600 - When KRLD went off, KOTK dominated alone for a while, but then would
fade out every so often, allowing me to hear country music from CKSA, a
talk station in English, and a Spanish language music station playing
several styles.
KOTK faded just prior to 0630, allowing me to hear a WTIC ID at 0629, then
they stayed clear long enough so I could hear the few words by the the
Chief Engineer and an ID prior to going off.

Nothing else new noted prior to KRLD returning, as KOTK dominated for the
most part.  Never did ID the Spanish station, but was delighted to get
WTIC, as that's a new state for me.


Nigel Pimblett
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

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