[HCDX] 1080 test - And the winner is ... WVCG.
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[HCDX] 1080 test - And the winner is ... WVCG.

WVCG-1080 Coral Gables, FL - MAR 18 - This was
the dominant station here during the WTIC silent
period (1:35 - 2:30 a.m. EST / 0635-0730 UTC).
The programming was Spanish talk including some
religious references (hallelujah, etc.).  There
were one or two other Spanish-language stations on
channel at various times, but at the top of the hour
(2 a.m. EST) - when it mattered - WVCG dominated
with local names, addresses, and telephone numbers
then an ID first in Spanish then clearly in
English as "WVCG, Coral Gables, Florida".  I
used the Drake R8A at the home QTH with two
different antennas, a sloper and a broadband
loop.  Slop from 1070 and 1090 was less severe
on the sloper, so this was the preferred antenna
even though its feedpoint and part of its lower
end were covered with snow.

Mark Connelly - Billerica, MA, USA

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