[HCDX] Powerline Communications Update
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[HCDX] Powerline Communications Update

I'm sure there will be unanimous approval in this group of the following
development as reported on our media newsdesk page at

The German electronics giant Siemens has decided to pull out of experiments
with powerline communications, for the time being at least. Siemens says it
believes that the right conditions, particularly the regulatory framework,
are not yet in place for such projects to be profitable. In addition to
regulatory problems, there are also technical problems, such as noise on the
line as electrical appliances are turned on and off. That can make a data
connections fail or interfere with the datastream. Furthermore, different
technical standards in different countries are also proving a major problem.
Although Simens is the only company to have decided to pull out, its
explanation will give heart to opponents of PLC, which include international
broadcasters and listeners who use shortwave.

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