[HCDX] Only one log
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[HCDX] Only one log

Hello to the members on/of the list,

yesterday afternoon I switched on my radio and got
2 catches you see below.

BRITISH INDIAN OCEAN (Chagos Archipelago)

12579 USB; AFRTS Diego Garcia; Mar 23; 1756 pop 
music,1800 ID "This is AFN" followed by male spoken 
news, at 1805 anns "This is CBS News", and from 
1806 music programme; heavy SITOR QRM by
9VG; SINPO 22353; Elsebusch

Moderate to copy


5765 USB; AFRTS Guam, with pop music, SINPO
23343 (Elsebusch, Mar 23)

As I belong to the generation of Harry Belafonte, 
Elvis Preley, Bill Hailey etc. I cannot name the titles
of contemp music. Sorry.

Receiver: GRUNDIG Satellit 700
Antenne: 12 m wire, indoor, direction true South


Klaus Elsebusch, DL 3 EAY and DE 2 JLS

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