[HCDX] Palestinian Authority closes Arab TV station
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[HCDX] Palestinian Authority closes Arab TV station

Palestinian Authority closes Arab TV station

Armed security officers of the Palestinian Authority have closed the offices
of the Al-Jazirah television station in the West Bank town of Ramallah.

The Qatari-based broadcaster said it was shocked by the action, which it
said was taken following the broadcast of a trailer for a documentary on the
war in Lebanon and the Palestinian role in that conflict.

It condemned the Authority's attempts to change a television programme by
the use of force and said it would continue its coverage of Palestinian
affairs either from Ramallah or from elsewhere.

Al-Jazirah said it hoped the closure would be temporary. Correspondents say
the television station, which was founded in 1996, has rapidly become very
popular throughout the Arab world for its frank coverage of political and
social issues.

BBC World Service, 22nd March 2001

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