[HCDX] 1566
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[HCDX] 1566

1566  05-Apr 2250 This MW channel is indeed busy. Apart from County Sound, UK,   
           and AIR Nagpur there was  one station with real oldstyle music, not classical, but songs of yesteryear 
            from  somewhere in Eastern   Europe. The ids were very clear "Radio Jasenica", at 2300 and after 
            a short  news bulletine.   QSA 3-4  and really putting the others in place. The stress is on the first vowel,
            and the "c" pronounced  "ts" not  "k". According to list  (EMWG - what else)  with 1 kW  from
            Smederevska Palanka,  which   seems to be  a rather small town about 100 kms  SE of Belgrade. 
            (Johan Berglund, Trollhättan,  Sweden.)

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