[HCDX] Serious Danger to Shortwave Bands in DL
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[HCDX] Serious Danger to Shortwave Bands in DL

Serious Danger to Shortwave Bands in DL
From: Toby Deinhardt (DJ7MGQ) on April 6, 2001 

The below is a description of save-shortwave at http://www.egroups.de/ 

On March 30 the German Government signed an act that allows the generation
of noise levels on all frequencies up to 30 MHz that will make most use of
shortwave impossible. We expect other european countries to follow. 

In worst case this law will allow S9+ noise levels on all shortwave bands 24
hours a day 365 day a year. 

Providers of "Powerline Communications" (PLC / PLT) recently started
offering their services to the public. PLC / PLT will be the first service
to create the described noise levels. 

We are afraid that in the near future nobody in europe will be able to get
uncensored information from outside his own country, shortwave amateur-radio
will become impossible at least in Europe 

Please help us to spread this information. 

(a few comments:

- "the German Government signed"
is not 100% correct. The German version of the senate passed 3 bills,
meaning that these will become law. 

- "nobody in europe will be able to get uncensored information">
I rather doubt that non-shortwave sources of information, eg. newspapaers,
will be censored. 

- More information (auf Deutsch can be found at: 

Störfeldstärken durch Powerline Communication im 230V-Netz>

Folgen großflächigen PLC-Einsatzes>

NB30 und Rundfunkempfang (vom Institut für Rundfunktechnik)>

Studienergebnisse zu EMV-Problemen>

Zweite Abfrage zu "Powerline Communications" - Schreiben des RTA an die
RegTP vom 15.02.2001>

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Zukunft Amateurfunkdienst e.V.>

PLC stört Rundfunk und andere Funkdienste>

PLC ? nicht empfehlenswert>

vy 73 de dj7mgq) 

BTW: here is an english language article:

(source: eHam net articles, Apr 6, via Nigro-Uruguay)
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