RE: [HCDX] EDXC web site closed -- and replaced...
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RE: [HCDX] EDXC web site closed -- and replaced...

Unfortunately that means we must pull our EDXC links - the convention and
photos - from the Winterfest pages until we are properly informed as to what
is going on. I read the information on the two sites, one devoid now devoid
of information, and the HCDX Web pages and this situation makes no sense to

As the EDXC gathering is akin to the Winter SWL Festival, as many attending
the 'fest from Europe can tell you, doing this is no joy. :-(

Tom W2XQ

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Official EDXC web site closed
The antagonism and battle for power within the European DX Council never
seems to end.
The umbrella organization for some European DX clubs is now offering net
surfers two sites; both similar looking, but with vastly different content.
This situation became apparent with the publication of the PLC report
(details above).
EDXC Secretary General Luigi Cobisi denies any antagonism within the
"The struggle you talk about simply doesn't exist", he says to HCDX.
However, the former official EDXC web site was shut down on Monday, April 2.
"This site has been closed due to the blatant actionism and the
unprofessional strategism and highly motivationism of some EDXC executive",
Anton J. Kuchelmeister says on the web, adding:
"I am disappointed. Yes."
hcdx news desk, April 2, 2001

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