[HCDX] Condx on lower bands this morning
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[HCDX] Condx on lower bands this morning


I do not intend to describe my morning non-DX activity but I must say I
spent not more than 5-7 minutes on WC this morning. When I came back to my
receiver at 0520 UTC, I found MW band half empty.

Although it was only 45 minutes after local Sunrise, only stations up to ca.
700 km were audible (ground wave reception). Usually still 1 hour after
Sunrise there is a plenty of stations, also from the east and from the west
I can watch improving signals comming from British Isles as the Sunrise is
spreading over the area. Nothing like that this morning. No RTL 1440, no
France 1377, no RAI 846+900, Dutch stations very weak...

Also tropical bands were dead - at that time WWCR is usually still booming
in on 5070 kHz etc.
To my surprise the 49 meter band was not affected too much.

I have been watching the bands for one more hour - no improvement.
It is called the Dellinger effect (or phenomenon), but usually it is not so
The Sun is really making things these days (in fact already for 3 weeks)...


Karel Honzik
the Czech Republic

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