[HCDX] Bolivia Survey
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[HCDX] Bolivia Survey

Hello again,

there was a very fine opening to Bolivia yesterday on the tropical bands. I
could observe the following stations from 2230 to 2315 UTC:

3392.2  Emisora Camargo
4471.7  R Movima
4552.3  R Difusoras Trópico
4681.5  R Paitití
4702.2  R Eco
4716.7  R Yura
4796.4  R Mallku
4865  R Centenario La Nueva
4876.8  R La Cruz del Sur
4926.6  R San Miguel
6024.9  R Illimani
6134.8  R Santa Cruz

Antenna used: EWE to South America

vy 73

Michael Schnitzer  -  mschnitzer@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Receiver:  JRC NRD-525
Antennas: 25m longwire
                  DX-One Professional
                  EWE to South America
                  EWE to Asia/Pacific
Location:  Hassfurt, Germany / Alemania

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