[HCDX] RE: 1512 and nature
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[HCDX] RE: 1512 and nature

> Hello fomTrollhättan, Sweden, where spring  has arrived.

Hello from wet and windy Antwerp

> 1512   Apr-9 0430.Greece,  ERA Chania with local id twice.Just
> like that : "Era Chania". Local news
>             read by man, from 0435 Greek music. QSA 2 for the
> Greek station, but it mixed with some
>            other station with a definite "Balkan touch".

Something strange is going on on 1512 kHz.  Although, I am living only some
40 km away from the RVi transmitter at Wolvertem 1512 kHz, I heard between
1800 and 1900 very clearly another station underneath of it.  Normally you
would expect that only the megapower General Arabic Programme from Duba, ARS
is able to blow away RVi. But this was clearly not the one. The music from
the station I heard had also a "Balkan touch".  I was ERA channels trying
for // but couldn't find one.

Has anybody an idea ?

If anybody is interested, I can put a recording online.



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