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Fwd: Re: [HCDX] 1512 and nature

Hi all,

> 1512   Apr-9 0430.Greece,  ERA Chania with local id twice.Just like that : "Era Chania". Local news
>             read by man, from 0435 Greek music. QSA 2 for the Greek station, but it mixed with some
>            other station with a definite "Balkan touch". So perhaps Pristina is activated.  Already from 0431 a
>            carrier (QSA 3) appeared, but  it didn't kill off Chania and the other completely. From 0645 though
>             it come on with full force and the S-meter bar of the AR7030 filled up the whole space.

Nice to know that the Greek AM stations are having local programming
again.  ERA told me in 1999 there were no longer any local/regional
outlets on AM - FM only.
73's de Joachim                           mailto:jst@xxxxxxxx

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