[HCDX] Some loggings
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[HCDX] Some loggings



4835, ABC; Alice Springs, Apr. 11, 1732-1745, Male speaker with news in
English, at 1735 followed by what sounded like a short promo. Then more
talk, country music. Some "ABC" IDs heard. Very weak signal on a clear
frequency. Also reported by Mike Dawson in the UK and Alf Aardal in Norway
in the last couple of days, while chatting on IRC #swl. Judging by their
reports, signals were a little stronger there than at my location.


4681.47, Radio Paititi; Guayamerin (t), Apr. 11, 2351-2358, Long talk by
male in Spanish, with 2 short music bridges. Tentative ID. 23332; QRM by a
utility station which repeatedly transmitted a beep, followed by a short
data-burst. (Veldhuis)


4910, AIR; Jaipur, Apr. 11, 1723-1732, Native instrumental music, male
speaker in Hindi. Local ID at 1730, when TS, followed by ID and news by
female in English. Excellent signal, 44434. (Veldhuis)


5100, Radio Liberia International; Monrovia, Apr. 11, 1902-1912, Female
speaker with news in English, with numerous mentions of Liberia. At 1910 ID
as "This news broadcast comes to you from the radio service of the Liberia
Communications Netwok, Monrovia". 23332 (Veldhuis)


6049.8, Radio Nigeria; Ibadan, Apr. 11, 2013-2025, Male talk in Vernacular,
with several "Radio Nigeria" IDs. At 2016 local "Radio Nigeria, Ibadan" ID.
At 2020 drums, followed by more talk. 34434 (Veldhuis)


3320, Radio Sonder Grense; Meijerton, Apr. 11, 1801-1815, Easy popmusic,
male talk in Afrikaans. ID at 1807 UTC. 34333. Also heard Apr. 12 at 0411
UTC, with an excellent S9 signal in USB. Male in Afrikaans with weather
forcast, followed by a UB40 song. (Veldhuis)


4775, TWR; Mpangela Ranch, Apr. 12, 0415-0421, Religious songs and talk by
male in German. Excellent signal with some static crashes; 44344. // 3200
kHz., where the signal was very weak. (Veldhuis)

Receiver: Icom IC-R75;
Antenna: 20 meter longwire with MLB.

Best 73',

Mark Veldhuis,
Borne, the Netherlands.

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