[HCDX] Italy defers to higher power, reaches uneasy truce with Vatican Radio
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[HCDX] Italy defers to higher power, reaches uneasy truce with Vatican Radio

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By freedomforum.org staff

12 April 01

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Antennas of Vatican Radio in Santa Maria di Galeria on the outskirts of
Italy has deferred to a higher power and negotiated an uneasy truce with the
Vatican in the running battle over electromagnetic radiation from the
Vatican's radio station.

In a compromise with its previously uncompromising position, the Italian
government has now given Vatican Radio until the end of April to negotiate a
reduction in electromagnetic emissions, according to reports by the BBC and
the Associated Press.

Vatican Radio, which had been threatened with a shutdown, said it was
satisfied with the decision.

The announcement came after a five-hour meeting of government ministers.

Residents near the Vatican's transmission center claim that excessive
electromagnetic levels - dubbed electrosmog by the Italian media - have
caused an unusually high number of cases of leukemia in the area.

The Italian Environment Minister, Willer Bordon, had threatened to cut off
electricity to Vatican Radio next week if it did not dramatically reduce its
emissions to bring it in line with Italy's strict laws on radiation. But
Prime Minister Giuliano Amato overruled Bordon, raising speculation about a
damaging cabinet split.

Health Minister Umberto Veronesi, an eminent cancer specialist in private
life, further muddied the waters by questioning the relation between
electrosmog and an increase in cancer.

The cabinet's decision, which forces the Vatican to comply with regulations
but gives it more time to do so, is seen as a compromise between these
divergent opinions.

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