[HCDX] AM DX NewsFlash - 4/12/01
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[HCDX] AM DX NewsFlash - 4/12/01

          WELCOME TO THE AM-DX NEWSFLASH  -  April 12 2001
                            Vol 7  No 2

Deadline for next issue - Thursday, April 19 2001 @ 1400 UTC

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An IRCA/DECALcoMANIA Convention Web site is now up and running. Go to 
the following link: http://www.geocities.com/n0uih/irca2001.html



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in the US and Canada. Stations are listed by location (complete info), 
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frequency, location) and market (frequency, call, location, rating, 
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and current call). Major network information (addresses/phone 
numbers/etc) and several interesting radio articles are included as 
   The price to DXers ordering through the IRCA Bookstore is $69.00 + 
S/H.  I don't know what the S/H is at this time... details to follow!  
Retail will be $79 + S/H.  Don't order it yet... this is just a heads-up 
until I can get defininite prices.

**Russ Edmunds - wb2bjh@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Space Weather News for April 10, 2001  http://www.spaceweather.com
  A powerful X-class solar flare erupted Tuesday morning, triggering 
radio blackouts and a minor radiation storm.  The explosion also hurled 
a coronal mass ejection (CME) toward Earth.  Today's CME joins another 
already en route to our planet.  Forecasters estimate a 25% chance of 
severe geomagnetic activity at middle latitudes when the CMEs arrive 
late Wednesday or Thursday. Sky watchers should be alert for auroras 
after sunset on Wednesday.
  Tune in to SpaceWeather.com for details and updates.

*Steve Howe - showe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Wednesday April 11 3:33 AM ET
  New Solar Flare Could Cause Geomagnetic Storm on Earth 
  SYDNEY (Reuters) - Electromagnetic radiation is racing toward Earth 
after more large explosions in the Sun's atmosphere, threatening to 
disrupt communications, satellites and power services, Australian space 
watchers said on Wednesday.
  The latest solar flare-up was small compared with a monster eruption 
on April 2, but its  position on the sun is ideal for powerful magnetic 
gas clouds to hit the Earth, where they could produce dazzling aurora -- 
the northern or southern lights.
  ``The latest events show all the indications of producing a very big 
geomagnetic storm here on Earth,'' said Richard Thompson of the 
Australian Space Weather Agency.
  The agency predicts the April 9-10 event could hit the Earth during 
Wednesday night, Australia time, and possibly continue into Thursday.
  Sunspots can send out clouds of electromagnetic plasma, called coronal 
mass ejections and are composed of a hot ionized gas of charged solar 
particles. Such busts of energy have previously knocked satellites off-
  In 1989, the last big event shut down Quebec's power grid, affecting 
six million customers. Thompson said really big geomagnetic storms can 
even speed up the corrosion of pipelines.
  Sun In Most Active Period In Decade
  The sun is currently in the most active solar storm period in more 
than a decade. The sun goes through 11-year cycles in sunspot activity.
  A reasonably large flare-up at the end of March caused the southern 
lights to flare up throughout southern Australia.
  One of the largest sunspots ever seen followed on April 2, but its 
flare shot out away from Earth.
  The latest solar flare was about a fifth the size of the April 2 
sunspot, which had a diameter of 86,800 miles (140,000 km).
  But Thompson said size did not matter.
  Sunspots are believed to be an accumulation of magnetic fields which 
get twisted due to the sun's rotation. The degree of twist seems to 
determine the strength.
  ``This one is particularly nice ... and it's nicely located,'' he 

Robert Wien - rjwmail@xxxxxxxxx

Called KIEZ today, still KIEZ and not KSRK as rptd. Haven't seen this 
call change even in M Street yet.

Art Blair - blairs@xxxxxxxxxx - forwards the following:

  This is posted on Art Bell's Web Site:
  4/16/01 - Mon/Tue
  Guest: Harold Ort
  Publisher of Popular Communications Magazine
  This will be broadcast on KFI beginning at 10:05 pm Monday April 16th.  
Whatever you think of Art Bell, his is the MOST influential and listened 
to talk show in North America and therefore this will be a tremendous 
exposure of our hobby to non-DX hobbyists.
  Give A Listen and call in!
  Eric Cooper

***Antonio Sánchez - asanchez@xxxxxx

  SER Radio Zamora has changed the frequency: now it is on 1485 kHz (ex 
1584). Heard this morning (Apr 5) at 0720 CET with the local news 

***Mickey Delmage - cidxqsl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  It was announced tonight on the Calgary Hitmen pre-game show on CFFR 
660 that Calgary Radio station CFAC 960 will become The Team in early 
May and be a Sports Talk station including the Flames & Hitmen 
broadcasts next year.  CFAC has been country ever since I can remember 
from the 70's and CFFR has ID's for years as "CFR Calgary Flames Radio".  
For me, the bad thing about this change is CFAC's weak signal into the 
Edmonton area for the hockey games. No mention of a call letter change.

*Nigel Pimblett - ntp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  CFAC, which has been country for years, is to change to all sports in 
early May, as "The Team", carrying mostly programming from the just 
established CHUM sports network.  They will carry Flames NHL hockey next 
season and also the Hitmen (Junior hockey). CFAC will not be owned by 
CHUM as are the other stations in the network though, and will remain 
under separate ownership.  Haven't heard anything on a call change yet.

***Hans-Dieter Buschau - Hdb31@xxxxxxx

The valid address of SER Radio Castilla (1287 kHz) should be: 
  Venerables 8 - bajo 
  E-09005 BURGOS 

**Russ Edmunds - wb2bjh@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Given the uncertainty surrounding the issue of time standards in 
Mexico, and it's suddenly political nature, I thought that perhaps this 
information from the WTFDA list might be of interest.

  This year all Mexico is having a shorter Daylight Saving Time as it 
will be from first Sunday of May until last Sunday of September, the 
exception is state of Baja California which will stay with the same 
period as the US.  Sate of Chihuahua doesn't have any DST any time of 
year. Speaking specifically of Mexico City I think it still remain on 
the air the final decision form a Federal court about if it will change 
time as the rest of the Country or not, my best bet it will. Border 
stations like XHFOX-17 do changed DST as the US, they are running the 
daily  half hour FOX 17 newscasts at 8PM Mexico time/9 PM CDT.
  Fernando Garcia
  Monterrey, Mexico

**Ronald Gitschier - wgsr1570@xxxxxxxxxx

  Following WGSR's lead, WELX 1160 Callahan-Jacksonville, FL went silent 
about a week ago. I noticed this when I was trying to find out what 
local programming there was vice Radio Unica feeds....

**Frederick R. Vobbe - fredv@xxxxxxxxxxx

  I didn't have a chance to visit the transmitter site of this station, 
but 1530 in Lapeer is still off the air and might be gone.  I didn't 
hear them at all when I was up in Lapeer County (MI).

*Dennis Gibson - dcgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  From Radio Ink:
  (4/11/2001) KPLS-AM Los Angeles To Go All-Talk As Of May 1st
  KPLS AM 830, a 30,000-watt station based in Orange County, California, 
will go all-talk on May 1st, utilizing some of the biggest names in 
syndicated AM talk. Ratings powerhouse Michael Savage will do afternoon 
drive duty,while morning drive will feature Westwood One's "Imus in the 
Morning" with veteran talk show host Don Imus. Early afternoon will 
feature Orange County's own former congressman, B-1 Bob Dornan. Neal 
Boortz is also likely to be in the lineup.
  4/11/2001) Southern California's XPRS Flips To Tropical, Dropping 
Regional Mexican
  XPRS Rosarito-San Diego, a 50kw AM that also serves Los Angeles, 
Riverside, Oxnard-Ventura and Santa Barbara, has dropped Regional 
Mexican after 26 years in favor of Tropical programming. The station is 
now "La Gigante Tropical - Radio Express," and three-year PD Jose Luis 
Martinez will lead the station through its transition. The station - 
which will offer 80 percent current product and 20 percent gold and 
recurrent material - will feature salsa, merengue, cumbias, bayonato and 
bachata music and is designed to appeal to all Latinos.

*Charles Taylor - ctaylor@xxxxxxxxxxx

  930 WDLX NC, Washington:  A Sunday 4/8 drive by the Chocowinity [NC] 
WDLX transmitter/studio site on US-17  showed that the two downed towers 
have not been reerected. What remains is one tower and also an STL tower 
for the connect to WERO-93.3 transmitter in Grifton [NC] & 1980-foot 
tower. Maybe the two towers were intentionally removed. [CAT/NC]

**Lee Freshwater - LFreshwate@xxxxxxx

  Yes--WCFI is back on the air- running the CNN news format. Plans call 
for some new studios, but no RF upgrading yet.

**David Braun - dcbraun@xxxxxxxxxxx

  From Dave Hughes' "DC Radio-TV" web site:
  Lotsa DC radio changes this Monday, 4/9! Another format flip took 
place. "Dynamite Talk" took up residence at 570 AM, with AM driver Don 
Imus moving over from WTEM, 980 AM. 570's old business talk format has 
moved to 1260 along with the WWRC calls. (570 is now WTNT).



*kevin redding - Mesa AZ - amfmtvdx@xxxxxxxxx

Heard on a DX-398 and RS 15-1853 loop:

1440  KAZT  AZ, Scottsdale 3/5 stunting with oldies and a very small 
       playlist. Same four or 5 songs over and over. New call.
1500  XEDF  MEXICO, DF 3/6 1045 playing Mexican AC music and between 
       every song, an announcement "Cadena Radio Uno". Was blowing in to 
       Mesa like the 0345 freight express on the mainline. A real 
       scorching signal equal to KSTP. Heard in the KSTP null. [ new ]

***BERGLUND JOHAN - johandx@xxxxxxxxx

1566  05-Apr 2250 This MW channel is indeed busy. Apart from County 
       Sound, UK, and AIR Nagpur there was one station with real 
       oldstyle music, not classical, but songs of yesteryear from 
       somewhere in Eastern Europe. The ids were very clear "Radio 
       Jasenica", at 2300 and after a short news bulletin. QSA 3-4 and 
       really putting the others in place. The stress is on the first 
       vowel, and the "c" pronounced "ts" not "k". According to list  
       (EMWG - what else) with 1 kW from Smederevska Palanka, which 
       seems to be a rather small town about 100 kms SE of Belgrade. 

**Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

I also notice AU cx over here in the NW (Oregon coast). A het from 
Tahiti-738 & Tonga-1017  at 0345 UTC, really early for the Pacific. 
KCMJ-1010-Palm Springs CA (400w), mixing with KIQI-SF and KLOC-Ceres CA 
on top with JZ. Not as good as a few nights back, but still worth 

KDKO and WLAC are mixing on 1510 here in the NW.  

**David J Twiggs - Bristol CT - aa1jm@xxxxxxxx

1710  Radio Marti UNK - 04/08 0000 - Clear "Radio Marti" ID, spanish 
       ballads broken up with short announcements. Where is it located?  
       Seem to remember a thread in the e-mail reflector about this 
       station.  Strong with alot of static crashes. (DT-CT)

Yaesu FRG-7; Terk Loop.

Ben Dangerfield,  Wallingford, Pa.

  David, I am not aware of Radio Marti having an outlet on 1710.  Never 
heard anything there.  Perhaps you are getting a SW spur ?

**David J Twiggs - Bristol CT - aa1jm@xxxxxxxx

  Checked it on my frg-7 w/ terk  & grundig portable... funny, grundig 
portable was better audio quality because it wasn't receiving the static 
crashes as well, but it was evident on both... actually spotted it on 
the grundig because the frequency rolls from 1710 to 520 and was 
surprised to hear anything there... the went to the frog to see if it 
was better on it but wound up back on the grundig for readability.  I 
know what I heard but that doesn't rule out someone having fun... 
saturday at midnight is prime pirate time... well, anyone else hear 

**kevin redding - Mesa AZ - amfmtvdx@xxxxxxxxx

I have heard it here in Arizona and so have several others. 

Robert Foxworth wrote:

  Yes there was a substantial thread about this topic here just a few 
months ago and the thread was that, due to design considerations in the 
newer type digital synthesized radios, signals from the 6 MHZ band at 
every 30 kHz appear at the top end of the AM band at every 10 KHz.
  Heard it also on my old Kenwood R-1000.

**kevin redding - Mesa AZ - amfmtvdx@xxxxxxxxx

  It probably was an image, I dunno, but then I hear lots of strange 
stuff here in AZ thats hard to believe. I am only about 250 miles from 
the Nevada Nuclear Test Site and even closer than that to Art Bell.....
  Still, how do I know that its not testing out there at the Test Site 
and this was the signal they used?

**neilkaz - neilkaz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  I just spent a week in Sanibel Island FL which is up the coast and 
across the water from Marathon maybe 100 miles if I guess. There was no 
trace of Marti 1710 on my AOR 7030 +/Kiwa Loop combo even the band had 
quite many Cubans on groundwave all day from greater distances.

**Robert Foxworth - rfoxwor1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Just last night, Kevin in Arizona posted that he HAS heard it, and I 
responded, in a fashion, to his comment, and I said I had heard it as 
well, on a RS DX-375, from time to time.
  It may be that two strong 49-MB signals are required and that Marti-
6030 is just one of them. This could perhaps explain why this effect is 
heard only sometimes. I used to notice that when I heard the 1710 
signal, I could also hear Habana on 6000 on 1700. In other words, both 
or none. Now that 1700 is filled with real signals, this RHC 'signal' 
is/would be covered by QRM.
  David are both of the receivers you used digitally tuned? and with a 
450 kHz IF (not 455) ?? This seems to be one of the necessary 
conditions. My DX375 has a 450 kHz IF (verifiable by listening to the 
local osc. Radiation zerobeat other signals as heard on a nearby second 
receiver tuned to the L.O. frequency).
  I keep this set at work, and usually never have it at home any more.

**Benjamin Dangerfield - ben-dangerfield@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  I agree wth Bob Foxworth and Kaz.  SW imaging sometimes occurs on 
certain receivers and mostly in the high part of the band like 1600's 
and 1700's.  I have an old, old Sony in my bedroom that has done this.  
But my R8A hasn't, and if there are any bona-fide signals around 1700, 
it would have picked them up, especially when Florida on 1700 is booming 
in.  I have heard nothing but noise on 1710 on my R8A.

**Robert Karchevski - karchev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  On April 7th, about 15 minutes to midnight local (Pacific) time, I was 
driving south on US101 on the San Francisco Peninsula in my 1995 Toyota 
Corolla with their standard AM/FM/Cassette radio when I saw a billboard 
near University Avenue in East Palo Alto  that said "Radio Cadillac -- 
tune to 1700 now"; so I did and heard loud and clear a song whose lyrics 
extolled the virtues of the Cadillac Elantra followed by a "Radio 
Cadillac" jingle and a few miles south approaching Rengstoff Ave in 
north Mountain View the reception was noticeably poorer so I suspect the 
transmitter was probably one of those 100mW "talking billboards".

**Tony Simon - Miami FL - WLMCBuzzed@xxxxxxx

  I just saw (and heard) same in the Miami, Fl. (actually Hollywood, on 
the Turnpike)......The one here is tuned to 1610.

Chris G Knight - Fort Lupton CO - swrad@xxxxxxxx

Kenwood R1000, Kenwood TS440S/AT, KIWA Loop


 640  MEXICO, CHIH, Parral XEHHI. 0336 2 April. Spanish, very good and 
       alone with musica romántica, "Radio Uno", full ID, belongs to 
       "Grupo Radiofonico". (CK-CO)
 690  MEXICO, NL, Monterrey XERG. 0336 2 April. Spanish, good with 
       Spanish oldies music, program called "Musica En Domingo", ID: 
       "...aqui en La R-G". New! (CK-CO)
 730  MEXICO, COAH, Muzquiz XEPQ. 0312 2 April. Spanish, LOUD, musica 
       romántica and "Bonita" slogans. Huge and alone in auroral 
       conditions. (CK-CO)
 750  MEXICO, VER, Tempoal XETI. 0332 3 April. Spanish, poor to fair 
       under XEOH with "XETI, una de Grupo de Golfo" mentioned at 0333 
       UTC. Faded down, but still there with music later. New! My first 
       Veracruz logging! (CK-CO)
 769.80  MEXICO, CHIH, Parral XEHB. 0325 3 April. Spanish, very good 
       with slow ranchera music, "7-70 La Rancherita" slogan by woman, 
       local announcement. KKOB totally wiped out by the Aurora. New! 
       TNX to John Wilkins for the tip. (CK-CO)
 770  MEXICO, SIN, Mazatlan XEFTA. 0344 2 April. Spanish, good and 
       almost alone (no sign of KKOB) with juvenil music and "La Que 
       Guapa" slogans, gave call sign and mentioned "24 horas del dia", 
       mentioned Sinaloa, another Spanish station underneath. New! 
 790  MEXICO, AGS, Aguascalientes XEBI. 0600-0620 30 Mar. Spanish, 
       mostly poor, but occasional fair peaks over XERPC. Noticias 
       (news), ID at 0617: "Esta es Radio Bey (B-I), la estacion de las 
       noticias", mention of "Guadalajara" in news item, various news 
       items and reports. New for Aguascalientes #1!! (CK-CO)
 790  MEXICO, CHIH, Chihuahua XERPC. 0600 30 Mar. Spanish, good peaks 
       with ranchera music,  "La estacion con la mas exitos (or sim.), 
       Radio Ranchito (?)" jingles, then clear "7-90" by man. This was 
       repeated throughout their programming. At 0705 UTC, clear, full 
       ID with call, slogan (Radio Ranchito) and mention of Chihuahua. 
       Over XEBI and station in English with Art Bell. (CK-CO)
 810  MEXICO, NAY, Tuxpan XEUX. 0456 2 April. Spanish, good peaks with 
       smooth ranchera music, (2) clear "La Tremenda" slogans by child, 
       mention of "Tepic, Nayarit" (the capital city of NAY). Alone on 
       frequency. TNX to John Wilkins for the tip. New! My first Nayarit 
       logging!! (CK-CO)
 830  MEXICO, SIN, Navolato XEVQ. 1230 1 April. Spanish, good peaks with 
       ranchera music, rooster crows, ID: "La Grande de Sinaloa, La 
       Superestacion". (CK-CO)
 880  MEXICO, SIN, Los Mochis XEPNK. 0458 30 Mar. Spanish, excellent 
       signal at times with English AC music (song by Michael Jackson), 
       full ID at the top-of-the-hour with call sign IDs, address, phone 
       number, power, ID: "(time check)...aqui en Canal 88, La Super 
       Estacion". Used "La Super Estacion" slogans more than "Canal 88". 
 930  MEXICO, ZAC, Fresnillo XEQS. 0311 3 April. Spanish, good and alone 
       with a multitude of ads, many mentions of "Fresnillo" and 
       "Zacatecas", ID: "9-30 Romance en Radio", into musica romantica. 
       New! (CK-CO)
 950  CUBA, Radio Reloj. 0646 22 Mar. Heard the typical Reloj format - 
       beeps on each minute and "RR" in code for 5 straight minutes in 
       local KKFN null. New! (CK-CO)
 960  MEXICO, TAMA, Nuevo Laredo XEK. 0558 2 April. Spanish, fair with 
       lite Spanish vocals, "XEK" jingle at the top of the hour. Briefly 
       QRM'd by CFAC punching through a hole in the aurora (weird!). 
       New! (CK-CO)
 970  MEXICO, CHIH, Cd. Juarez XEJ. 0602 3 April. Spanish, good with end 
       of Mexican National Anthem, almost full ID (gave call and 
       address), into ranchera music. Hard to hear lately. (CK-CO)
1010  MEXICO, CHIH, Nuevos Casas Grandes XETX. 0530 2 April. Spanish, 
       Good with ranchera music and "La Ranchera de Paquime" slogan, PSA 
       string, call letter ID by man and back to ranchera music. (CK-CO)
1040  MEXICO, CHIH, Chihuahua XEHES. 0520 2 April. Spanish, fair peak 
       with man talking, gave "Radio Luz" slogan and mention of 
       Chihuahua, into preacher, underneath another XE station at times. 
       However, both stations were overcome by a U.S. country music 
       station. (CK-CO)
1100  MEXICO, SON, Navajoa XENAS. 0524 2 April. Spanish, good with lite 
       vocals, "Mas Radio" slogans (perhaps, "Nas Radio") by woman. 
       (Replaces old slogan of "La Norteñita"). QRM from another XE 
       station (probably XETGO). (CK-CO)
1110  MEXICO, DF, Mexico City XERED. 0537 2 April. Spanish, good peaks 
       with news items throughout Mexico including Morelia and 
       Monterrey, quick "Radio Red" slogan given at the end of a news 
       report. Another XE station with preacher. Both over very aurora-
       subdued XEWR. KFAB totally non-existant until 0555 UTC. (CK-CO)
1250  MEXICO, COAH, Saltillo XESJ. 0525 31 Mar. Spanish, poor-fair with 
       mention of "Cinco mil watts de potencia", gave call letters and 
       "La Estacion Mas Importante" slogans. New! (CK-CO)
1260  MEXICO, CHIH, Ojinaga XEOG. 0420 3 April. Spanish, very good with 
       ranchera music (oompah style) with several "Radio Ranchito" 
       slogans. Another Spanish station underneath. (CK-CO)

Comments from the radio room:

Got many new ones and several "impossible" Mexican states during the 
recent aurora. This aurora will probably be one for the history books, 

*Nigel Pimblett - Medicine Hat AB - ntp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

 882  UNID  1242 7 April  Few moments of instrumental music, then faded 
       out before any possible ID.  Never heard DU audio on this channel 
       before.  (NP-AB)
 891  AUSTRALIA, Adelaide  5AN 1228  7 April Sports talk with 1-800 
       phone number and talk about football match between Adelaide Crows 
       and Melbourne, and also basketball. Several mentions of ABC 
       Radio.  (NP-AB)
1026  AUSTRALIA, Melbourne  3PB 1252  7 April Talk by a man, then a 
       woman said, "When you're in Sydney, listen to 6-3-O AM. 
       Newsradio... more often".  (NP-AB)
1701  AUSTRALIA, Sydney  2NTC  1218  7 April  Country music, male host 
       gave a phone number, and ID "This is the NTC network".  First 
       definite log of this one after several tentative ones.  Faded out 
       by 1235.  (NP-AB)


***BERGLUND JOHAN - johandx@xxxxxxxxx

1512  Apr-9 0430.Greece,  ERA Chania with local id twice. Just like 
       that: "Era Chania". Local news read by man, from 0435 Greek 
       music. QSA 2 for the Greek station, but it mixed with some other 
       station with a definite "Balkan touch". So perhaps Pristina is 
       activated.  Already from 0431 a carrier (QSA 3) appeared, but it 
       didn't kill off Chania and the other completely. From 0645 though 
       it come on with full force and the S-meter bar of the AR7030 
       filled up the whole space. [This was as usual heard from where I 
       live, and  we had a splendid sunrise right then. My radio shack 
       overlooks a  lake, and the scenery was  breathtaking. The water's 
       edge is just 10 meters from my window. Four days ago the ice 
       broke up, and  the mating season of the golden-eyed duck - 
       Bucephala clangula - has reached  its peak - and do these males 
       fight ? It's the show of the year. It can go on for hours, 
       including sneaky attacks from underwater.  So it's DX-ing and 
       ornithology at the same time. I suppose people can go schizo for 

****Guido Schotmans - gs@xxxxxx

  Something strange is going on on 1512 kHz.  Although, I am living only 
some 40 km away from the RVi transmitter at Wolvertem 1512 kHz, I heard 
between 1800 and 1900 very clearly another station underneath of it.  
Normally you would expect that only the megapower General Arabic 
Programme from Duba, ARS is able to blow away RVi. But this was clearly 
not the one. The music from the station I heard had also a "Balkan 
touch".  I was ERA channels trying for // but couldn't find one.

***BERGLUND JOHAN - johandx@xxxxxxxxx

I've been monitoring 1512 from 0355 UT today (4/11). 

0355  ERA men talked 
0358  ERA Greek song  woman
0359  ERA as 0358 + another station with id RAI Radiotre... bon 
       ascolto... (Palermo is listed) 
0400  Time beeps, after this a pretty hopeless mix of Chania and RAI, 
       both with man talking
0401  RAI classical mx, soft  piano , ERA talking on (Here I checked 
       1494 - for ERA they were not heard) Also checked other RAI 
       Radiotre  QRGs, not heard anywhere...
0403  ERA with Greek song dominating. RAI very weak. ERA stronger. Or 
       vice versa! This mix went on and on 
0421  Carrier (Wolwertem ?) came on. Not strong enough to eliminate ERA. 
       RAI had disappeared momentarily, but was back very weak before 
       0427 for some minute.
0432  Then again, prob RAI with chamber music, the other barely audible
0435  Woman talked, classical music still from RAI.  The woman was 
       talking religion in German ! She was there for about two minutes.
0441  Carrier from Wolwertem now with full force, Just traces of a 
       station underneath with classical music.
0445  Weak time beeps, then just the carrier, nothing else but a little 
       classical music at 0456.
0457  Interval signal. 
0459  Radio Nederland Wereldomroep.  Scheduled frequencies and satellite 
       channels for the different parts of the world.  The tx was 
       overmodulated, no good sound at all. 

  Now let's see if somebody else has been monitoring. As for the 
spiritual words in German, I can think of both RAI and ERA having this 
as a service for tourists. RAI Radiotre carried the news in Swedish from 
the Swedish P1 early mornings when I worked down there, decades ago. 
Fellow travel guides thought I was God when I surprised them with this 
including soccer results one Monday morning. Gee, they had been starving 
for news from home, and there it was.

**Frederick R. Vobbe - Lima OH - fredv@xxxxxxxxxxx

1560  4/10/01 6:25   Sounded like "The new, 15-60, KLTI the Beat".  
       Music, (in my DJ times that we called), funk.  Over Radio Dizzy 
       out of NY.  Good signal
1310  4/10/01 6:25   Easy listening music, Lawrence Welk "Calcutta", and 
       several string numbers by artists like Montovoni.

In dash radio in 2001 Buick Century.  QRN from local thunderstorm 
hampering ability to get clear IDs.

**Mark Connelly - MarkWA1ION@xxxxxxxxxx

  While driving home from work on Tuesday (10 APR), I noted two local 
area X-band pirates.  Signals were fair to good near the Route 125 / 
Route 93 junction in Wilmington, MA.  At home in Billerica (near 
Burlington town line) the stations were weaker.  This would point to 
transmitter locations in the Lawrence, MA area (which agrees with an 
announcement heard on the 1620 station).  Time heard approx. 5.45 p.m. 
EDT (2145 UTC) - daylight groundwave.

1620: Spanish language talk with mentions of Lawrence (MA), lots of 
       salsa and merengue music.
1670: Spanish language evangelical religion; not as strong as the 1620 

**Barry McLarnon VE3JF - Ottawa ON - bm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  The geomagnetic storming in recent weeks has been a real bust here, as 
regards producing interesting MW auroral enhancements.  When conditions 
get mediocre, I tend to spend more time lurking on the graveyard 
channels.  I'm not sure if it's the disturbed conditions or more of a 
seasonal change, but I find that the Gys currently seem less jumbled 
than in the winter months, and IDs are a little easier to come by... so 
check 'em out!  Here's a few recent GY loggings:

1230  WCLO WI Janesville - 04/09 0605 - A nice example of sunrise 
       enhancement to the west, nearly alone on the channel with local 
       news, ID, several mentions of Janesville. (BM-ON)
      WBVP PA Beaver Falls - 04/10 2300 - Dual ID "1230 WBVP and 1460 
       WMBA", into ABC news, good, temporarily on top. (BM-ON)
      WNAW MA North Adams - 04/10 2301 - "For news and information 
       you've come to rely on, WNAW... Berkshire County's lead station 
       for news and information...", good, taking over the channel from 
       WBVP and others. (BM-ON)
      WHUC NY Hudson - 04/11 0000 - Standards, "this is the all-new 
       Music of Your Life on 1230 WHUC", good over a gaggle of others. 
       Haven't heard this one for a couple of years. (BM-ON)
1450  WKTQ ME South Paris - 04/08 0059 - Female announcer, saying "call 
       WOXO-WTME", gave number as 743-5911, into USA Radio news. No WKTQ 
       ID, but this is apparently a sister station, and number matches 
       the one in AM Log. Unneeded, but rare. (BM-ON)
      WNBP MA Newburyport - 04/08 0105 - Apparent marine weather 
       forecast mentioning winds "around 20 knots", then "and now back 
       to the greatest music ever made, only here on 1450 WNBP", into 
       standards ("It's Not For Me to Say"), fair in between static 
       crashes. (BM-ON)
1490  WCDO NY Sidney - 04/07 2100 - Beach Boys "Little Deuce Coupe", 
       fadeout into ID "keep right here for more great memories on super 
       gold WCDO AM and FM in Sidney, Bainbridge and Unadilla", into 
       more oldies, good, way over the mess.  This made my day - one of 
       my closest unheards, and NY #150, 1490 #50! (BM-ON)

And then there's this little mystery:

1230  UNID ?? 04/10 2100 - Sports, probably the ESPN heard moments 
       before, ID as "the Dream Team 90.7".  Ideas, anyone?

***Eike Bierwirth - Leipzig - capercaillie@xxxxxxx

  In the last days, whilst checking the a01 schedules (which you may 
still find on http://www.eibi.de.vu ), I heard Radio Svoboda (Radio 
Liberty) in Byelorussian instead of Serbian service of RFE, both in the 
morning and evenings.
  Indeed their schedule includes this change, while they do not give any 
more the begin and end dates of frequency use ( cf 
http://sds.his.com:4000/fmds_z/schedules/cur_freqsked.txt ).

Mark Connelly - MarkWA1ION@xxxxxxxxxx

  On Wed., 11 APR, I drove out to the Rowley, MA salt-marsh for an 
after-work sunset period DX session.  Conditions seemed rather auroral 
with domestic skip suppressed.  Trans-Atlantics were limited to the 
northwestern Africans.  Canary Islands on 1179 was the first one to show 
up (at 2250 UTC).  Other TA's included Canaries - 621, Western Sahara - 
711.05, Algeria - 549, and - the strongest of the lot - Mauritania on 
783 (the only TA I'd call "loud" at this time).  A tantalizing TA was a 
het heard on 1548 seemingly from the southeast.  With conditions likely 
too auroral to let UK or Kuwait come in, I thought of St. Helena.  The 
antennas on top of the car just didn't have enough signal-to-noise ratio 
to pull up audio on this bird. Without a doubt, a good Beverage would 
have handled this easily.  Pan-American zone skip seemed of the short 
variety with good signals from Bermuda on 1160 & 1280, but not much from 
the Caribbean proper or from South America. At 2340 UTC, Brazil-760 was 
heard with WCHP-NY phased just after WVNE went off.  I was figuring that 
many South Americans would be booming in, as is often the case during 
these conditions, once it got completely dark, but the Venezuelans etc. 
failed to materialize.  As I was leaving I heard Bahamas-1540 killing 
WPTR (0113 UTC: 12 APR).  I sat on 1660 for a bit, hoping that the weak 
ripply Spanish speaker was the new Puerto Rican, but it just turned out 
to be WWRU-NJ with a "Radio Unica" ID.  No new DX heard, but it was an 
interesting session. I just wished I had a better antenna for snagging 
an ID on that 1548 mystery.

****óÁÎÑ íÁË - tyhryk@xxxxxxx

1512  19.25-19.31 ERA-4 11 apr 32332,sport reporting//981,1080,1404, 
       1494. Strong QRM from RVI.



**Rick Kenneally - Wilton, CT - woodlandview@xxxxxxxxx

  I used to look up TIS/HAR stations at the FCC site: 
http://www.fcc.gov/mmb/asd/bickel/tis/freqtis.html but this has been out 
of commission (no pun intended) for at least a couple weeks.  Is there a 
new/better place to look up TIS/HAR info?

**kevin redding - amfmtvdx@xxxxxxxxx

  I wish I could remember the URL to Bill Harms website. It had all that 
stuff. I would bet there was a link to it on the IRCA website. Just use 
your favorite search engine to find it.

**Lee Freshwater - LFreshwate@xxxxxxx

For Bills site, go to :    http://users.erols.com/wharms/tis/

**Russ Edmunds - wb2bjh@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Another site ? Yes. Better ? In some ways yes, in others, no. Go to 
  There you'll find a list of options. I usually use 'frequency-state', 
but others will work. Then follow the directions, ( entering K1610 for 
frequency in kHz, for instance ). At the next screen, be sure to select 
'ULS Database".
  This ultimately gets you to exactly the same data, just in a much more 
roundabout fashion, although it is good to have other sort options.
  The old one has been dead for well over a month, and is likely being 
phased out.
  I pretty much abandoned Bill's website over a year ago once it became 
evident that he had changed it to eliminate any time-sensitive material 
and had mostly set up links to other places, such as FCC, etc. It was 
much more useful as it was before, but I understand how difficult it is 
for one individual to maintain something like that, so no criticism 

**Michael P Battaglino - Michael_P_Battaglino@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  On Friday night on 1220 kHz, I picked up a station in WKNR's null that 
unfortunately I could not copy an ID for.  It was essentially NOS format 
("Is That All THere Is--Peggy Lee, "Put Your Head On My Shoulder"), and 
it actually hung in pretty good except--of course!-when it came time to 
copy an ID or something the DJ may have said.  Murphy's Law of signal 
fade was in top form!! I stayed with it until the top of the hour 
(2300), but couldn't get anything.  I thought I heard something like 
"The Jewel, 1220 AM" at 2232, but I could very well have been 
hallucinating at that point.
  Does anyone care to offer a suggestion on who this was??  A perusal of 
the Log left me with CHSC, St. Catherines, ON as a posiibility.  The 
others with this format WLPO and WEZU seem highly unlikely.

**Saul Chernos - schernos@xxxxxxxxxxxx

  Looks like you had CJUL (I think them's the calls) in Cornwall ON. 
Hard to hear. haven't had em yet, here...

**Pat Martin - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

  Several possibilities: WEZU-MN-254w, KMVL-TX-11w(Star 1220), and your 
most likely, from your iD you posted "CJUL-Cornwall ONT (1 kw) "The 



*Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

 810  WHB  MO, Kansas City, rec ppc back in 20dff. Address: 10841 E. 
       28th Street, Independence  MO  64052. V/S: Bob Muson (no title). 
 990  KHBZ  HI, Honolulu, rec. verie statement on my letter in 16d. V/S: 
       Brian Loughison. Address: 650 Iwilei Rd. #400, Honolulu HI 96817-
       5317. (PM-OR)
1440  CKJR  CANADA, Wetaskiwin, AB., after several tries I finally 
       received a e mail QSL in 90dff. V/S: Brent Downie GM, I sent the 
       taped report to: 5220 51st Avenue, Wetaskiwin  AB T9A 3E2 CANADA. 
       e mail address: <bdownie@xxxxxxxxx>  (PM-OR)
1440  CKJR  CANADA, Wetaskiwin, AB, rec. my 2nd e mail QSL in two days, 
       after trying to QSL this for ages. This QSL was from: V/S: Robin 
       Lear.  e mail addres <rlear@xxxxxxxxx>   (PM-OR)
1650  KBJD  CO, Denver, rec. "new" QSL cd from Patrick Griffith-QSL 
       Coordinator. Really a nice QSL card with logo, along with 
       sticker. Thx Patrick. I had this QSL'd before, but I wanted the 
       new QSL cd to add to my collection in 16d. Address: 3131 So. 
       Vaughn Way, Ste.601, Aurora CO 80014-3510. 
1660  WGIT  PUERTO RICO, Moca, rec. full detail QSL letter (2page) in SS 
       in 18d for taped report and in SS also. Mentions station rns 10 
       KW day and 1 KW nights. V/S: Aureo A. Matos & Olga Rosario, 
       Presidentes. Address: PO Box 7, Moca  PR 00676. PR QSL #2. I am 
       pleased with this. 



Tony Simon - Miami FL

  As of right now, for DXing (which for me doesn't involve much more 
than a radio and a Terk loop), I use any one of the following:
  *GE SR3
  *Grundig Satellit 500
  *Grundig Satellit 700
  Would there be anything gained in my DXing adventures by buying a 
2010, or am >I pretty much covered with, say, the Satellit 700? Also, I 
understand the "phones out" and "line out" of the 2010 are both Mono, is 
this true?  Aside from DX'ing, I usually use the 700 (with its Stereo 
tape out) for airchecking FM while on the road....Also, the Satellit 700 
is limited to a mere 4khz bandwidth when in "WIDE" mode...Does the 2010 
have a wider "Wide" mode?

**David J. Twiggs - aa1jm@xxxxxxxx

  I have no experience with the 2010 so I'm not going there... what I 
want to mention is there are some very good used receivers out there 
which wouldn't cost much more but are lightyears ahead of any portable 
I've heard yet, (of course barring the 2010 which as I stated I have 
never listened with.)  
  I'm currently using a Yaesu FRG-7, a communications receiver from the 
late 1970's which has above average sensitivity and selectivity, (as 
long as you are talking 10 khz seperation; split frequencies can be 
hairy if the neighbors are loud.)  The biggest reason I'm using one is 
because I always wanted one when I was a kid and couldn't afford one!  
But it's still a good receiver going for @$200.
  I would highly recommend the Icom R70 or R71 which is going for @$300 
on the used market... it's a table top radio, very selective and 
sensitive, almost a professional quality receiver.
  I had the opportunity to play with a Japan Radio NRD-535 for a while 
which had everything going for it... couldn't afford one though ... big 
  Also check out some ham rigs... my Yaesu FT-757GXII does very nice on 
MW, pass band tuning is great for digging out ID's.  Most ham 
tranceivers made in the last decade or so are general coverage receive 
and have more filtering options than the average communications 
receiver.  The latest stuff is boasting DSP filtering that is 
  The most important aspect of any station is the antenna, and many time 
the receiver / transceiver outshines the antenna it's hooked to.  I too 
am using the Terk loop which works OK if there is a fair amount of 
signal present.  Certainly works nicely for the money!  But this last 
winter I wasn't able to hear any trans Atlantic stations which several 
people were reporting and during the latest auroral conditions I haven't 
heard anything significant.  So if possible you may want to look at your 
antenna and improve there.  I may build a pennant soon and see what that 
does for me.

**Harry Helms - ak6c@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  I strongly recommend AGAINST the Icom R70 or R71; the R71 was the 
worst "big ticket" MW receiver I have ever used. The audio just plain 
sucks----noisy and lots of distortion. Internal receiver noise is also 
high, and there is considerable noise leakage through the frequency 
display; you can't use a loop, especially an amplified one, within 
several feet of the R71.
  The NRD-535 is a fine SW receiver, especially for utilities, but has 
similar (but not as bad) internal noise and audio problems plus a leaky 
frequency display. It's also expensive for what it does compared to 
  Probably the best "DX-per-dollar" MW receiver is a used Drake R8 or 
R8A; you can find these on eBay for $400-$600. Another intriguing 
receiver, if you can do without a lot of bells and whistles, is the 
Palstar R30 equipped with the 2.4 kHz Collins mechanical filter. It's 
$550 new.

*kevin redding - amfmtvdx@xxxxxxxxx

  Someone on this list has to have a CC Radio. I have been thinking a 
long time about getting one.
  How good is it on AM? Worth it or not?

**neilkaz - neilkaz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  I agree with Harry about the R70,,even though most of my Ogunquit ME 
earely 80's DX was with it..it doesn't compare to an R8A in terms of 
audio. Also the R8A has a better and usable noise blanker. The R70 sucks 
when you try to listen to AM audio in LSB or USB whereas the R71A is 
better in that respect. My ears prefer the audio of the R8A to that of 
the R71A although in Nfld. Jean Burnell's R71A does a good job at 
grabbing the DX .

**Scott - sdk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Does anyone know of or have any reviews on the performance of the VR-
5000 particularly for AMDX?



Mark Meece - mmeece@xxxxxxxxxx

Association of North American Radio Clubs (ANARC) 
Mark W. Meece - Chairman 
529 Sandy Lane 
Franklin, OH 45005 USA

  The Association of North American Radio Clubs is proud to announce the 

  2001 Don Jensen Distinguished Service Award 
  Each year this award is presented annually to the hobbyist that 
exhibits the characteristics of leadership, dedication and all around 
outstanding contributions to the listening hobby. 
  In making our decision for this year's award recipient, ANARC came to 
the realization that this was a recognition long overdue. 
  This year's award winner has over the past few years provided the 
radio listening hobby with a voice......a voice in the very medium that 
has attracted us to this hobby that we all share. Their quiet yet hard 
working effort over the years of keeping the hobby visible and growing 
is now brought to the forefront with this award.
  While there were many deserving individuals for this year's award, 
ANARC felt the time has come for a new voice to be given its due, and 
this year's recipient's overwhelming contributions to the hobby was the 
most deserving of the fine list of nominations. 
  This year we mark the new millennium, and a new era for the radio 
listening hobby by presenting the 2001 Don Jensen Distinguished Service 
Award to: MARIE LAMB "The Voice of ANARC". 

The Association of North American Radio Clubs is proud to award a 
Certificate of Recognition (Posthumously) to Gigi Lytle. 
  We knew Gigi as a friend and fellow DXer whose unbridled passion for 
the shortwave listening hobby was evident whenever a conversation was 
engaged at the many conventions in which she attended. Gigi made the 
radio hobby synonymous with the word friendship. Gigi not only embraced 
the radio hobby with a passion, also her love for God's animals was 
second to none. 
  She is very much missed by those of us lucky enough to have met her on 
the path. For those of us who knew her, we will never be able to think 
about shortwave radio listening without first thinking of Gigi, and that 
is the way it should be. 

*Eric Bueneman - n0uiheric@xxxxxxx

  The Missouri Radio Web site (http://www.showmeradio.com/) reports that 
rumors are going around St. Louis that Covenant Network, a Roman 
Catholic broadcast ministry based in St. Louis, is adding two more 
stations to it's stable. KHAD-1190 (listed as KRFT on RadioLocator.com) 
and KDJR-100.1 in De Soto, MO is rumored to being bought by Covenant 
Network. If the sale is successful, KHAD and KDJR will become Covenant 
Network's first properties in Missouri. They own three stations in 
Illinois: WRYT-1080 Edwardsville (St. Louis, MO); WIHM-1410 
Taylorville/Springfield; and WOLG-95.9 Carlinville. The group is headed 
by former investment banker Tony Holman and his wife, Theresa. If 
Covenant Network buys KHAD/KDJR, the possibility exists that WRYT-1080's 
programming will be simulcast on 1190, with 100.1 possibly going to the 
24-hour EWTN feed, like WIHM and WOLG are doing. Both stations will be 
rebuilt, as they were destroyed by fire in February 2000; that led to 
the cancellation of the purchase of the station by the New Life 
Evangelistic Center. You may also look for new call letters on the two 
stations, in honor of important people in the Catholic faith through 
history. The last three letters of WIHM's call letters stand for 
"Immaculate Heart of Mary", in honor of the mother of Jesus; while the 
last three letters of WOLG's call letters stand for "Our Lady of 
Guadalupe", in honor of the Catholic Church's Lady of The Americas. Stay 
tuned to this channel for further developments.

**Scott D Fybush - fybush@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Baseball Affiliates. Poke around the new "standardized" sites a bit 
and you'll find out the flagship for each team.  I've had pretty good 
luck going to each flagship station's own site and finding lists -- I 
know the Tigers and the Brewers have lists available at wxyt.com and 
wtmj.com, for starters.
  The list of flagships was also in the 4/2 Broadcasting & Cable; it 
looks like this: (# of affils in parentheses)

Orioles - WBAL 1090 (24)
Red Sox - WEEI 850 (51)
Yankees - WABC 770 (33)
Blue Jays - CHUM 1050 (30)
Devil Rays - WFLA 970 (11)

White Sox - WMVP 1000 (37)
Indians - WTAM 1100 (38)
Tigers - WXYT 1270 (34)
Royals - KMBZ 980 (85)
Twins - WCCO 830 (48)

Angels - KLAC 570 (10)
A's - KABL 960 (25)
Mariners - KIRO 710 (40)
Rangers - KRLD 1080 (70)

Braves - WSB 750 (172)
Marlins - WQAM 560 (15)
Expos - French-only - CKAC 730 (20)
Mets - WFAN 660 (10)
Phillies - WPHT 1210 (16)

Cubs - WGN 720 (38)
Reds - WLW 700 (60)
Astros - KTRH 740 (50)
Brewers - WTMJ 620 (52)
Pirates - KDKA 1020 (35)
Cards - KMOX 1120 (107)

Rockies - KOA 850 (65)
Dodgers - KXTA 1150 (28)
Padres - KOGO 600 (1)
Giants - KNBR 680 (13)
Diamondbacks - KTAR 620 (17)

**bill sparks - sparksb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Announcing a new database of audio links, newspapers and blindness 
related links. http://www.billsparks.org/
  I've created a searchable LINKS database of over 2500 links.  Included 
are over 2000 direct links to the audio files (also known as the 
"LISTEN" link) of online radio stations and other audio sources. This 
saves time from having to search the station's home page to find the 
LISTEN link.  My database contains the added value of being searchable 
by call letters, format, city, state, or search phrase.  The database 
lets anyone submit a link for review.  Another feature is the ability to 
rate links and see the ratings.  You can also check to see which are the 
most popular (cool) links.

My main categories are:
    Adult Contemporary
    Adult Standards
    Alternative Rock
    Free Audio Players
    Blindness related talk.
    Online Resources for the Blind
    Business Talk
    Christian Music and Talk
    Classic Rock
    Classical Music
    College Sports
    College Stations
    Country Classics
    Easy Listening Music
    Jazz Stations
    Miscellaneous Audio
    Online Newspapers
    Oldtime Radio Theater
    Police Scanner
    Rock Top 40
    Search Engines
    Spanish stations
    Sports Talk
    Sports Websites
    TV Stations
    Urban Dance
    Useful Links

Please visit www.billsparks.org and let me know what you think.



The IRCA/DecalcoMania convention will be held on August 24-26 2001 at 
the Best Western Airport Inn, 10232 Natural Bridge Rd, St Louis MO  
63134.  DecalcoMania member Mike Sanburn (PO Box 1256, Bellflower CA) is 
your host (mikesanburn@xxxxxxxxxxx).  For reservations 1-800-872-0070 or 
(314) 427-5955.  Rates are $73/night (up to 4 people/room).  
Registration is $35/person.  Contact Mike for more information.

The WTFDA Convention will be held on July 27-29 2001 at the Super 8 
Lodge, 2773 Elder St, Boise ID 83705. Host is Frank Aden (4096 Marcia 
Pl, Boise ID 82704 - N7SOK@xxxxxxx).  For reservations (208) 344-8871 
(mention Frank Aden).  Rates are $62.10 (for a double).  Registration is 

2001 NRC Convention will be in Pittsburgh PA over Labor Day weekend.

Kevin Redding - Mesa AZ - amfmtvdx@xxxxxxxxx

GE Superadio III AM-FM high performance radio. Big 6" speaker with 2" 
tweeter. 200 mm ferrite antenna. Nice sounding radio and it will do some 
DXing but is not going to be confused with a Drake R8B. Best portable 
available in its class on the X-Band. Has wide / narrow switch on AM and 
FM or FM AFC. Runs a LONG time on 6 D cells or AC operation. Antenna / 
ground connections on back for AM and FM. Analog dial. Very nice 
condition. $27 shipped anywhere in the US. See URL below. 

Optimus 12-603A High Performance AM - FM Radio. Mint in box virtually 
unused.  Still with wrapping on the radio and the cord is still wrapped 
and wire tied. Has operating manual. Very nice sounding radio. $37 
shipping and insurance included in the US. AC/DC 6 D  cells. See the URL 
below for details. Its a long one so you may have to paste it together. 

Grundig Traveller II 7 band travel radio. 3"X5". MW 520 - 1660, FM 87.5 
- 107.9, SW1 5.8 - 6.2 mHz, SW2 7.1 - 7.5 mHz, SW3 9.5 - 10 mHz, SW4 
11.6 - 12.1 mHz, SW5 15.1 - 15.6 mHz. Uses 3 AA batteries. Has a clock 
with home time and world time with alarm. $32 shipped anywhere in the 

Sony SRF-M35 FM/AM Walkman. 15 memories, digital readout, lock feature, 
clock, belt clip. Very small about 2"x3"X13/16". AM 530 - 1710 gets X-
Band. Very good condition and used little has manual. $21 shipped in the 
US. See http://www.universal-radio.com/catalog/spcialty/3596.html for 

Realistic TM-150 AM - FM - FM stereo tuner $20 with shipping and 
insurance in the US. AC only. Probably a good candidate for conversion 
to AM stereo.

Panasonic RF-1200B AM/FM/MB/PSB/WX "Harbormaster" made in 1971. Have 
pic. AM 530 - 1600, MB 1.6 - 4.5 mHz, PSB 148 - 174 mHz. WX 162.55 mHz. 
AC or 4 C cells. Has lamp, squelch, antenna and ground connection, AFC, 
Local/DX switch, MPX out, earplug jack. Antenna is fine and radio is in 
very good shape. Almost mint.  Bandselector may have to be cleaned but 
does work well. $40 shipped anywhere in the US.

Optimus 12-794 AM/FM stereo pocket radio with clock, timer, digital 
readout, deep bass boost 10 memories, stereo via headphones or 1" 
speaker. Very good shape, sounds nice and has manual.  $20 US shipping 
and insurance included.  [needs 2 AAA batts ]

Contact me at amfmtvdx@xxxxxxxxx or call 480-632-0379. No collect calls 


     Geomagnetic Summary March 19 2001 through April 2 2001
      phil bytheway - Seattle WA - phil@xxxxxxxxxxx
      Tabulated from email status daily

  4/ 3   223     7    2    high        unsettled-mis       - 6
     4   205    18    1    moderate    quiet-active        - 2
     5   210    17    2    mod-high    quiet-unsettled     - 5
     6   192    15    4    mod-high    unsettled-mis       - 7
     7   180    22    3    mod-high    unsettled-mis       - 7
     8   169    33    2    mod-high    unsettled-mas       - 6
  4/ 9   165    17    3    mod-high    quiet-active        - 7

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permission). Subscribe to the eGroup at http://www.egroups.com.  
International Radio Club of America

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                 IRCA's web site... take a peek!!

IRCA Mexican Log, 6th Edition
The IRCA MEXICAN LOG lists all AM stations in Mexico by frequency, 
including call letters, state, city, day/night power, slogans, schedule 
in UTC/GMT, formats, networks and notes. The call letter index gives 
call, frequency, city and state. The city index (listed by state, then 
city) includes frequency, call and day/night power. The log has been 
completely updated from the 1998 edition and carefully cross-checked by 
several IRCA members. This is an indispensable reference for anyone who 
hears Mexican radio stations. Size is 8 1/2" x 11" and three hole 
for easy binding.Prices: IRCA/NRC members - $8.00 (US/Canada/Mexico/sea 
mail), $9.00 (rest of the Americas airmail), $9.50 (Europe/Asia 
$10.00 (Australia/New Zealand airmail). Non-members: add $2.00 to the 
above prices.

Completely revised by IRCA's Bill Harms to 9/00, the IRCA "TIS/HAR 
LIST" includes AM/FM and TV lists from the US and Canada. This 28 page 
"DX Aid" can be yours for only $5.00. Non-IRCA/NRC members... add $1.00. 
Overseas... add $0.50.

IRCA Bookstore - 9705 Mary Ave NW - Seattle WA  98117-2334 (please make 
checks payable to Phil Bytheway)

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WORLD - SDXM $10.00
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Overseas surface - DXM $23.50, DXM/SDXM $28.50
Airmail (Central America, Caribbean) - DXM $35.00, DXM/SDXM $40.00
Airmail (Europe, North Africa, Middle East) - $38.00, 
  DXM/SDXM - $43.00
Airmail (rest of the World) - $41.00, DXM/SDXM $46.00

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