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[HCDX] Radio Asia (UAE) - article

I found the following arcticle in RADIO WORLD, International Edition, April

Radio Asia Adds to Emirate Stations

Two new 24-hour radio stations aimed at Indian expatriate workers based in
the Persian Gulf region will launch from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in
the next six months.
The first plans to broadcast on FM in Hindi, which is widely spoken by
people from across India, particularly the northern parts. The other will be
an AM station in the South Indian language of Malayalam.
Radio Asia, a member of the Dubai, UAE-based Dolphin Group, has struck a
deal with UAE Radio and the Ras Al Khaimah Radio and TV Authority to launch
the stations. The UAE already has two 24-hour Hindi radio stations.
Brij Bhalla, Radio Asia operations manager in the UAE, was quoted as saying
that the service would reach listeners across the Persian Gulf, Yemen and in
some regions of Pakistan and coastal India. Currently, Radio Asia has a
Malayalam service for its listeners in the UAE and the Gulf Cooperation
Council (GCC) countries. The service is available for 7 hours on weekdays
and for 5 hours on Fridays.
"We will have the latest production and transmission facilities with very
high power transmitters. As the new AM station will be a 24-hour channel
broadcast on a different frequency, we also plan to have programs in Pashto,
Sindhi, Tamil and Urdu, as well as Malayalam, although Malayalam-language
programs will still form the major content," Ismail
Hukkawala, group finance director of the Dolphin Group said. Bhalla said the
group is studying the possibility of setting up radio stations in the United
States and possibly in South Africa, too.
"The programs for the new stations, in several languages, including Hindi,
Tamil and Urdu, will cater to all segments, age groups and nationalities of
the Indian subcontinent and will be fresh, innovative and of high quality,"
Bhalla said.
(Frederick Noronha, Radio World)


Karel Honzik
the Czech Republic

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