[HCDX] U.S. Navy radio is a health threat, Italian authorities say
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[HCDX] U.S. Navy radio is a health threat, Italian authorities say


The Associated Press

NAPLES, Italy (April 13, 2001 11:18 a.m. EDT http://www.nandotimes.com) - An
Italian judge has pulled the plug on two U.S. Navy radio transmitters,
saying their electromagnetic emissions pose a health threat.

Lt. Fred Kuebler, a spokesman for the U.S. Naval Support Activity, said
Friday that the transmitters of the American Forces Network were shut down
on March 30, along with 10 other transmitters belonging to local Italian
radio stations.

Earlier this week, the Italian environment minister had threatened to take
Vatican Radio off the air if it didn't comply with strict Italian
regulations governing electromagnetic emissions.

Vatican Radio said it would reduce its broadcasts beginning Monday and was
given until the end of the month to comply fully.

The decision over the U.S. transmitters came after tests ordered by the
Environment Ministry showed that the emissions were above Italian standards.

Kuebler said the broadcasts were within the limits set in the original
agreement with the Italian Communications Ministry, which allows higher
levels of transmission than those set by the Environment Ministry.

"We got caught in the middle," he said.

American Network Forces, which provides U.S.-based radio broadcasts to
American troops in Europe, has appealed the decision. A hearing is scheduled
for April 18.

The U.S. antenna tower with the two transmitters is located on the property
of a 16th century monastery in Camaldoli, on the hills overlooking Naples.
There are at least 66 antennas on the hills, according to a recent study by
the town council.

Kuebler said that the American Forces Network has been trying to move out of
the area for 18 months, but has yet to receive building permits from Naples'
town officials.

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