[HCDX] BBC Satellite Radio Reception
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[HCDX] BBC Satellite Radio Reception

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For those listeners in Europe lamenting the demise of BBC Radio services the
following forms part of a BBC press release dated 28th March:

"For the benefit of cable operators in the Benelux countries, BBC World
Service, BBC Radio 3 and 4 will continue to be available for a limited
period on the audio channels of transponder 50. Transponder 50 is at 10.729
GHz and is vertically polarised."

Audio details - World Service is 7.38, Radio 3 is 7.56 and Radio 4 is 7.74

So anyone in Europe, whose satellite receiver picked up the transmissions at
transponders 23 and 34 can receive these audio channels. Transponder 50 is
used by CNBC. Of course anyone in Europe can receive all of the BBC radio
channels, except 5Live, using any digital receiver with a dish pointed at
28.2 degrees East. The dish must have a Universal LNB. The tuning parameters
for BBC radio are:

FREQUENCY       11.798

POLARITY            Horizontal 'H'

SYMBOL RATE    27500

FEC                        2/3

AUDIO PID           If required try 2319-2329

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