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1010    KNWZ   CA, Palm Springs. After 3 follow ups, The Desert Radio
Group now has a new CE, Jay White. I phoned him and sent my 3rd f/up. He
replied in 27 days senting, a KCMJ coffee mug, several KXPS plastic
glasses, KNNZ Key chains, KXPS & KNEWZ fridge magnets, along with a QSL
form for KNWZ. V/S; Jay White.  in 27dfff Address: Desert Radio Group,
1321 N. Gene Autry Trail, Palm Springs CA  92262. This was well worth
waiting for! It cost them $5.40 to send it in a box. (PM-OR)

1010    KCMJ   CA, Palm Springs, After 2 follow ups, I received a QSL
form with the same above package, V/S: Jay White-CE. (PM-OR)

1010    KXPS   Palm Springs, also enclosed a QSL form for KXPS from my
recent reception, also in the box, same V/S: Jay White, CE. (PM-OR)

Patrick Martin
PO Box 843
Seaside  OR  97138-0843

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