[HCDX] Colaborations from Argentine
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[HCDX] Colaborations from Argentine

9530 RTM-Radio Trans Mundial, Santa Maria, RS.
1341-1415. December 01.
IDs: "Esta e a Radio Trans Mundial"; "Transmundial,
comunicando com a forca da palabra"; "Voce esta na 
Trans Mundial". Advs. Christian library. Programme:
"Revista RTM". At 1405 "Amigos da Radio", with
very interesant DX informations. Today, with reports
of FM logs from Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, 
Argentine, Chile, etc. Greetings at 1415.
(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentine)

6125 SODRE, Montevideo. 1416-1430. December 01.
//1050 khz. Programme: "Radioactividades", with excellent
reports about the history of the radio. 14431
(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentine)

SLAEN, Arnaldo ,  Buenos Aires. Argentine.
Receivers: Icom ICR75, Icom ICR2, Sony I
CF2010, Lafayette BCR-101, Realistic DX 160,
SuperadioGeneral Electric, Hiscan Sony Pro80. 
Antenna: "long wire"
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