[HCDX] logs for december 3 and 4
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[HCDX] logs for december 3 and 4

All receptions from Curitiba in the south of Brazil, using a
Sony 7600G, a 60 meter loop on the grass and a 20 meter random
wire to a nearby tree.

	dec 3

kHz	UTC	SIO	Details

3173	0235	232	R. Municipal Marcawana, Peru (tentative)
			andean music, male announcer
3210	0258	211	unid, probably WWCR
3220	0259	444	HCJB, Ecuador
			music, sign-off in Quechua
3279.5	0315	444	Voz del Napo, Ecuador
			music (not usual andes music), SS talk
4421	0215	333	R. Bambamarca Peru, only 850 watts ??
			andean music and SS male announcer
4461	0225	232	R. Nor Andina, Peru (tentative)
			andean music, male announcer .. very weak and
			covered with some digital signal on the lower

	dec 4 2001

kHz	UTC	SIO	details

3210	0025	333	WWCR, USA, fair signal but with fading and some static
3220	0027	334	HCJB, Ecuador, mx + quechua male announcer, some static
			and fading, but nothing too bad, best in LSB
3230.2	0032	232	R. Sol de los Andes, Peru, SS male announcer, news ?
3270	0350	122	(tentatively) Namibia
			choral singing, religious talk at 0455
3279.5	0042	333	Voz del Napo, Ecuador, music
3290 L	0404	121	(tentatively) Namibia
			news in EE // 3270   [Guyana's carrier went away 0406]
3291.4	0043	441	(tentatively) R. Guyana 2, good signal, pretty much
			no noise or fading ... but VERY low modulation level
3320	0340	343	R. Sonder Grense, South Africa
			light music, talking in Afrikaans
3326	0430	333	R. Nigeria
			carrier on at 0415, interval signal at 0430 followed
			by announcement in EE and music, fell silent 0437
3330 L	0346	333	Ondas del Huallega, Peru
			SS male and female talk, good in lower sideband
3330 U	0346	322	CHU, Canada
			time bleeps from CHU, all over Ondas del Huallega
3355	0351	222	(tentatively) R. Difusora 6 Agosto, Brasil
			"take my breath away" from A-ha at 0400, male
			announcer in PP at 0437 followed by .br music
3375	0432	444	R. Clube Dourados, Brasil,
			rel music, PP male announcer

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