[HCDX] DX-Camp Bavaria
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[HCDX] DX-Camp Bavaria

Hello to all,

once again the traditional DX-Camp Bavaria took place from November 29th to
December 2nd 2001. Also this time our highly sophisticated antenna system
was running excellently. The area enables the structure of several Beverage
antennas with 300m length, which were installed in approx. 1m height over
the soil. All considerable DX directions were covered:  Pacific 30°, PNG and
AUS 60°, India 90°, Africa east 140°, Africa west 200°, Brazil 240°,
Bolivia/Peru 260°, México and North America 300°. All antennas were
distributed to each participant of the DX-Camp. The distribution is made by
an eightfold splitter to max. eight users. In order to minimize the
distribution-caused absorption the signal of all antennas is increased by a
special HF amplifier.

Some highlights: Quite good conditions prevailed to Asia/Pacific. The top
event of the DX-Camp was without any doubt the reception of SIBC from the
Solomon Islands. Starting from 14.00 o'clock UTC we could hear this nice
station on 5019.9 kHz relaying a BBC program. The national program began
with intensive drum rolls and anthem-like South Sea singing at around 19.00
UTC. By the way:  Somebody seems to have influenced positively the ORTN
staff in Niger. Just at the beginning of the Pacific DX-season they switch
off their station on 5020, only in order to enable reception of SIBC to all
European radio enthusiasts. It's a phenomenon: Normally it's extremely
difficult to receive that station here in central Europe and now one can
hear it almost all the day.

A further interesting frequency was 4789.1 kHz. Here we could hear starting
the transmission of RRI Fak-Fak from the Indonesian province West Irian at
around 21.00 UTC. For the first time I succeeded in making a tape recording
of a local ID of this rarely audible station. Other parts of the world like
Latin America and the Caribbean could be heard as well. Using the North
America antenna I could receive Radio Mil from México in relatively good
quality on 6010 kHz at around 5.00 UTC in the morning. This station is a
rather rare guest here in southern Germany, too. Radio Cristal Internacional
from the Dominican Republic came in quite well on 5009.8 kHz. In particular
the present medium wave DXers were pleased about a homonymous station from
Uruguay:  Radio Cristal on 1470 kHz.

And now a special offer to all, who once would like to hear, what can be
received under good conditions by using a 300m Beverage antenna: I prepared
sound files in real audio format from the following stations. If someone is
interested, please let me know in a private mail. The SIBC recording is a
little bit longer. The recording contains a small piece of the nice South
Sea music, too. I used the 4 kHz wide filter position in AM-mode.

R Cristal  64 KB
R Mil  180 KB
R Tawantinsuyo  44 KB
RRI Fak-Fak  56 KB
Idea Radio  67 KB
R New Ireland  72 KB
SIBC  238 KB

Altogether we heard a lot of stations from all over the world. Here now just
a selection of some loggings. I hope that they will be of some interest.

2310  ABC Alice Springs, November 30, 2000-2015, English, ABC-news, weather
forecast, ID, excellent quality; SINPO 45434

4471.7  R Movima, Santa Ana de Yacuma, December 1, 2305-2315, Spanish, time
announcement, mensajes, ID; SINPO 24433

4716.8  R Yura, December 1, 2315-2320, Spanish, mensajes, SINPO 23322

4925.8  R San Miguel, Riberalta, November 29, 2210-2220, Spanish, mensajes,
ID; SINPO 34423

4876.6  R La Cruz del Sur, La Paz, November 29, 2220-2225, Spanish,
discussion; SINPO 23322

5009.8  R Cristal Internacional, Santo Domingo, December 1, 2345-0010,
Spanish, relay of the local station "Radio Pueblo", phone-in-program,
merengue music; SINPO 34423

3279.6  La Voz del Napo, Tena, November 30, 0640-0700, Spanish, religious
phone-in-program; SINPO 34433

3300  R Cultural, Guatemala Ciudad, November 29, 2350-2400, Spanish, latin
american pop music, ID: "Estimados oyentes de Radio Cultural ... en toda la
Guatemala"; SINPO 23322

4052.5  R Verdad, Chiquimula, November 29, 2340-2350, Spanish, christian
songs, ID; SINPO 24322

4799.8  R Buenas Nuevas, San Sebastián, November 30, 0015-0023, Spanish,
greetings to listeners, blocked by AIR Hyderabad at 0023; SINPO 34433

3905  RRI Merauke, November 29, 2020-2035, Bahasa Indonesia, discussion
about Afghanistan, ID, "Happy Birthday"-song at 2030;  SINPO 24423

4789.1  RRI Fak-Fak, November 30, 2100-2135, Bahasa Indonesia, local-ID,
news, soft pop music; SINPO 24422

3935.1  ZLXA (presumed), November 30, 0710-0715, English, OM talking; O=1-2

7380  Idea Radio, Bogotá, November 30, 0720-0735, Spanish, soft pop music,
ID: "Está escuchando Idea Radio, apartado ??25733, Bogotá. Idea Radio desde
Colombia para el mundo."

6010  R Mil, México Ciudad, December 1, 0440-0500, Spanish, romantic songs,
advertisement, information of the ministry of education ("secretaría de
educación pública"); SINPO 33423

4725  R Myanmar, Yangoon, November 30, 1450-1500, Vn, OM talking, Myanmar
often mentioned; SINPO 24432

3905  R New Ireland, Kavieng, November 29, 1945-2000, English, south sea
music, ID, at 2000 mixing with RRI Merauke; SINPO 24433

3315  R Manus, Lorengau, November 29, 2005-2015, English, news, PNG
mentioned; SINPO 22322

4746.7  R Huanta 2000, December 1, 2320-2325, Spanish, religious program,
sermon; SINPO 23322

4855.6  R La Hora, Cusco, November 30, 2310-2315, Spanish, discussion about
the development of Cusco; SINPO 34423

4992.6  R Ancash, Huaraz, November 29, 2240-2250, Spanish, mensajes, ID,
phone number; SINPO 33423

4995.6  R Andina, Huancayo, December 1, 2325-2330, Spanish, huayno music,
ID; SINPO 22322

6173.8  R Tawantinsuyo, Cusco, November 30, 2240-2300, Spanish,
huayno-music, mensajes, ID; SINPO 23422

1660  WGIT San Juan, November 29, 2200-2210, Spanish, romantic songs, ID:
"La Gigante"; early fade-in;  SINPO 24333

5019.9  SIBC Honiara, November 29, 1900-1945, English, ID, news, prayer,
south sea music, advertisement, internet-address; SINPO 34423

4600.3  UNID LA-Station, November 30, 2305-2315, Spanish, O=1-2, station too
weak for ID; maybe a reactivation of R Perla del Acre from Bolivia?

vy 73

Michael Schnitzer  -  mschnitzer@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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