[HCDX] Marconi 100 celebrations: Let's DX on the 12th !
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[HCDX] Marconi 100 celebrations: Let's DX on the 12th !

There have been several celebrations recently to commemorate
the 100th anniversary of transatlantic wireless communication.
More are planned.

The Newfoundland DXpedition in November was among these events.
It concentrated on medium wave reception.  The five participants
in that DXpedition are reviewing tapes and putting the finishing
touches on their reports which will be "glued together" by
Jean Burnell for the complete report expected before the end
of the year.

Since 12 DEC is the actual 100th anniversary day of Marconi's
first "TA DX" reception, it would be a great thing if as many
DXers as possible put in some time at the dials that day to
assemble a huge pile of loggings.

If the weather is reasonable, I may leave work a bit early
to get in some DXing at the seashore between sunset and 9 p.m.
local (UTC: 2115 / 12 DEC to 0200 / 13 DEC).  The previous
evening, I may do some at-home listening after 7 p.m.
(UTC: 0000 / 12 DEC) to get a few different logs in the book.
International MW DX will be the main focus for me, but any
kind of DX - from LF whistlers to microwave moonbounce -
that someone wants to do is a good way to celebrate the
historical event.  When you're done, please share your
results with like-minded hobbyists through DX publications,
on-line lists, and e-mail.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION


The text below is about an amateur radio operation and tests
from West Coast commercial station KPH on 500 kHz.  For more
details, see "http://www.alpcom.it/hamradio/100.htm"; and


December 11 - 16, 2001 

The Marconi Radio Club and The Falmouth Amateur Radio Association
Amateur Radio operators are making plans to celebrate a Marconi
world historical event. December 12, 2001 will mark the 100th 
anniversary of the first Trans-Atlantic radio transmission. That 
signal was transmitted across the Atlantic from Poldhu, Cornwall 
England to St John's, Newfoundland. Radio pioneer, Marconi, sat 
listening at Cabot Tower on Signal Hill in Newfoundland. His 
antenna dangled from a kite in the sky, and through that hanging 
wire, he heard the anticipated signal from across the ocean, 
"dit dit dit". The letter, "S", in Morse code. Marconi, son of 
an Irish mother and an Italian father, had been playing with 
electricity since he was a child. A rebellious student, he hated 
lessons but loved to experiment and invent. By the time he was 
nineteen, he had resolved to be the first man to give the world 
a system of communication based on electromagnetic waves. By 
trial and error, relying on his own intuition and audacity, 
Marconi conducted a series of experiments indicating that long-
distance wireless communication was possible. His goal was 
accomplished and crossed the world over the threshold of radio 
as we know it today. 

To celebrate this 100 year milestone, Amateur Radio operators* 
["Hams"] around the country will be launching kite-lifted antennas 
and demonstrating the marvel of radio to folks in their local 
communities. Amateur Radio Operators will be flying a kite antenna 
at Coast Guard Beach in Eastham on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and 
are planning to contact other Amateurs at the historic Marconi 
station locations at Poldhu, England and St. Johns, Newfoundland. 
The Amateurs at these locations will also be flying 1901 kite 
antenna replicas. They will also be contacting other hams the 
world over, using the similar technology as Marconi did 100 years 
before. They will be bouncing radio signals off the ionosphere at 
the speed of light and will be able to communicate with each other. 
Some operators will be using Morse Code, while others will use 
voice transmissions. These commemorative demonstrations will 
take place during the week of Tuesday, December 11th through 
Sunday, December 16th 2001. Local school classes, scouts, church 
groups and news-crews are invited to come out and participate 
in this historic Marconi anniversary. The Marconi Radio Club 
members will be launching a kite-lifted antenna on December 12th 
between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM at the Coast Guard Building in Eastham 
demonstrating radio contacts just as Marconi did in 1901. Please 
note that all demonstrations are somewhat weather dependent. Kites 
cannot be flown in all conditions. Some operators will demonstrate 
with other antennas if kites cannot be launched. There will be 
five on going Amateur Radio stations capable of worldwide 
communications operating in the Coast Guard building. The operation 
is open to the public from 9 AM to 5 PM. There will be displays 
antique radio equipment and a demonstration of a 1902 replica 
spark gap transmitting and coherer receiving station. Videos of 
Amateur Radio operation and of Marconi's life and his accomplishment 
on Cape Cod will be shown. Everyone is invited to visit the Amateur 
Radio operation during this Marconi 100th Anniversary Radio 
Celebration. This Historic Event compares with the completion of 
the transatlantic cable, the transcontinental railroad and the 
Wright brothers flight at Kitty Hawk. 


Stations KPH and K6KPH will be on the air on 12 December 2001 to 
help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first wireless signal 
to cross the Atlantic, received by Marconi on 12 December 1901 at 
St. John's Newfoundland. Both stations will use the original 
transmitters, receivers and antennas of famous ex-RCA coast 
station KPH. The transmitters are located at the transmitting 
station founded by the American Marconi Co. in 1913 at Bolinas, CA. 
The receivers and operators will be at the KPH receiving station 
about 20 miles north at Pt. Reyes, CA. KPH will be active on 
commercial frequencies 500 and 425kc with most activity taking 
place on 500kc (600m). Power output will be 4.3kW. The antenna 
is a Marconi T. These frequencies have been made available through 
the generous cooperation of Globe Wireless, current holders of the 
KPH license. K6KPH will be active on amateur frequencies 3545, 
7050 and 14050kc. Power output will be 1.5kW. Antennas will be 
double extended Zepps on 3.5 and 7Mc, H over 2 on 14Mc. K6KPH will 
begin operations at 1700Z (0900PST). KPH will begin operations at 
0000Z (1700PST) 13 December 2001Z Commercial practices and procedures 
will be used on all frequencies to give amateurs the experience of 
working a real coast station. Traffic lists will be sent and messages 
for stations that have worked us in the past and sent reception reports 
will be awaiting in the message rack. All operators will be ex-commercial 
ops from KPH, KFS and other coast stations. 

Amateurs and shortwave listeners are invited to contact or monitor 
KPH and K6KPH. Maritime stations may call KPH on 500kc. 

KPH reception reports may be sent to: Tom Horsfall 1862 Tulare Ave. 
Richmond, CA 94805, USA K6KPH reception reports may be sent to: 
Dick Dillman 435 Utah St., No. 4 San Francisco, CA 94110, USA

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