Re: [HCDX] Backlog 1368
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Re: [HCDX] Backlog 1368

> From Sweden, Trolhättan , despite powerlines a go go, nearby .
> 1368 06-07Dec 2330 UK. LPAM Carillon Radio, at least QSA 3 at one moment
>                              otherwise the cliché you'd  propably heard :
A flickering candle-
>                              light in  in a roaring strorm at night. This
qrg has produced
>                              nothing else here but with the right path to
Africa, south of
>                              the Sahara, Guinea has been observed  by
other DX-ers.
>                              Radio Rurale  de la  Moyenne Guinee, Labé.
Really something
>                              to look out for !

> A  QSL the other day  Magic 899, ordinary report with  QSA 4+ cassette
audio recording resulted in a letter & stickers, v/s is Jo Hunter -
Programmes Adminstrator. Says their sisters station called 97.4 Rock FM with
Top 40 format is in the same buildeing , a converted church  in the heart of
> 73 GOOD DX-ing  Johan Berglund [AR7030, K9AY,random longwire 50 metres]

Hi Johan,

I think you are sleeping a little, 1368 must be of course 1386 Khz and 899
999 Khz!!!
By the way have you received my report concerning the PG-325 beacon?


Ruud Vos

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