[HCDX] South Pacific DX
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[HCDX] South Pacific DX


two little logs from this morning:

SOLOMON   ISLANDS  5020  SIBC  Honiara  0720-0730  in  E  with  local
announcements and news, South Sea music, ID, 25332 (Gehrig 10 Dec)

VANUATU  7260  R.  Vanuatu  0730-0740  in E with Yellow Bird IS, news,
best  in  LSB due to considerable QRM from SWF3 on 7265, 22332 (Gehrig
10 Dec)

No  traces of this station on 4960; it's a relatively easy catch at my
QTH so my guess is they operate only on 7260 at the moment.
Enzio Gehrig
Denia / Spain (38.50N/000.04E)

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